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Friday, April 1, 2005

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LAPD Announces Promotions and Movement Among Command Staff


Los Angeles: Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton today announced several key promotions among his Command Staff as he continues to reorganize the Department to better utilize their talents and experience. The movement affects a total of 15 command staff officers. Out of the 15, nine will be receiving promotions and/or upgrades. The changes, says Chief Bratton, are "critical to keeping the Department moving in the right direction, to keep a sense of urgency among staff officers who are encouraged to continue to find more creative ways to fight crime, reduce fear, disorder and continue rebuilding community trust."

  • Captain III Charlie Beck is promoted to the rank of Commander. He leaves his position as Commanding Officer, Rampart Area, to become the Assistant to the Director, Office of Operations.
  • Captain II Debra McCarthy will be upgraded to Captain III and will become the Commanding Officer, Rampart Area. McCarthy moves from her current position as Captain of Special Operations Division, Professional Standards Bureau.
  • The current Assistant Commanding Officer, Operations-South Bureau, Commander Jim Tatreau, will become the new Commanding Officer of Training Group. He replaces Commander Paul Kim who has announced his retirement.
  • Captain III Mike Downing, Commanding Officer of Hollywood Area, will soon be promoted to Commander. At that time he will take over as the Assistant Commanding Officer, Operations-South Bureau.
  • Captain III Ron Sanchez, former Commanding Officer of Audit Division, becomes the new Commanding Officer of Hollywood Area.
  • Moving from Planning and Research Division is Captain III Walt Schick. He will become the Commanding Officer of Audit Division under Consent Decree Bureau.
  • Captain III Jim Cansler takes over as the Commanding Officer of Planning and Research Division from his temporary assignment as Assistant to the Director, Office of Operations.
  • Captain III Andy Smith, the current Commanding Officer of Communications Division, moves to Commanding Officer, Central Area. He replaces Captain III James Rubert who will soon be retiring.
  • The current Commanding Officer of Juvenile Division, Captain II Sharyn Buck, will be upgraded to Captain III and take over as Commanding Officer of Communications Division.
  • Captain I James Craig, the current Patrol Captain at Southeast Area, will be upgraded to Captain II and become the Commanding Officer of Juvenile Division.
  • Lieutenant II Horace Frank, currently Adjutant to the Commanding Officer, Counter Terrorism and Criminal Intelligence Bureau, has been promoted to the rank of Captain I and will assume the duties of Patrol Captain at Southeast Area.
  • Moving from Patrol Captain at 77th Street Area is Captain I Ron Eutsey. He will fill the Department's Chief Duty Officer position, which has been vacant for several months.
  • Lieutenant II Bill Murphy, currently Adjutant to the Director, Office of Operations, has been promoted to Captain I and will be assigned as the Patrol Captain at 77th Street Area.
  • Promoted from Lieutenant II to Captain I is Sandy Jo MacArthur. She will remain as the Adjutant to the Chief of Police.
  • Being promoted from Lieutenant II to Captain I is Jorge Villegas. He is currently the adjutant to the Chief of Detectives. Villegas will be reassigned as the Patrol Captain of West Los Angeles Area, replacing Captain I Ken Hillman, who recently retired.