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April 2012

04/30/12 - Arrest Made in Elder Abuse-Homicide Case NR12198kr

04/30/12 - Council District 15 is Offering a $50,000 Reward

04/30/12 - Man Killed Inside Motel Room NR12196rh

04/30/12 - May Day March and Rally

04/30/12 - Victim Struck by Gunfire while Driving NR12195rh

04/30/12 - Voice for the Animals Teams up with LAPD to Rescue Cats on Skid Row NA12096rh

04/27/12 - Off-Duty Officers Team Up with Voice For The Animals to Rescue Cats on Skid Row NR12194an

04/27/12 - “Painter Mask” Robbery Suspects Wanted for Six Armed Robberies NR12191kr

04/27/12 - The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Releases Joint Statement of Unity

04/27/12 - LAPD Police Department Sobriety Checkpoint

04/26/12 - Southeast Division and 911Communications Division Presents NA12093kr

04/26/12 - 12-Year-Old Missing Girl NR12192kr

04/25/12 - Fight Inside Transit Bus Results in Serious Injury to Passenger NR12190cl

04/25/12 - 46-Year-Old Man Death Investigation NR12189gb

04/25/12 - Mission Possible 2012 Event Aims to Raise Autism Awareness

04/24/12 - The Teardrop Attacker Series

04/24/12 - The Teardrop Attacker Series NR12187RH

04/23/12 - 84-Year-Old Man Missing NR12186rh

04/23/12 - Dedication of Modular Building at Devonshire Police Station

04/23/12 - Traffic and Pedestrian Enforcement Operations Gear Up for Expo Line Opening

04/21/12 - 101-Year-Old Critical Missing Senior Citizen NR12185an

04/20/12 - Police Searching for Attempt Kidnap Suspect NR12181gb

04/20/12 - Sobriety Checkpoint

04/19/12 - Sexual Assault Suspect Sought NR12182gb

04/19/12 - LAPD Police Department Targets Impaired Drivers with Checkpoint

04/19/12 - 84-Year-Old Critical Missing Man NR12183gb

04/19/12 - LAPD Sobriety Driver’s License Checkpoint

04/18/12 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrol

04/18/12 - Los Angeles Man Arrested in 1990 Cold Case Murder NR12178rh

04/18/12 - Sears Maintenance Man Arrested for Secretly Filming Women on Hidden Video Cameras NR12179kr

04/18/12 - Community Involvement Helps Police Make Significant Arrest of Vehicle Burglary Suspect NR12177kr

04/18/12 - Burglary from Motor Vehicle Suspect (BFMV) Arrested, Stolen Property Recovered, Additional Victims Sought NA12082cl

04/17/12 - LAPD Academy Graduation NA12081rf

04/17/12 - Muslim-American community leaders meet with LAPD to discuss concerns about Abdul Arian shooting incident NR12176rf

04/17/12 - Teen Community Advisory Board (C-PAB) Rummage Sale NA12080cj

04/16/12 - Missing Person NR12175kr

04/13/12 - Cellphones Trending as Choice Loot for Thieves NR12174pv

04/13/12 - Attempt Kidnapping of a 13- year-old girl NR12173cl

04/12/12 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrol NA12079rh

04/12/12 - $125,000 Reward offered for information in Murder of two USC Graduate Students

04/12/12 - Reckless Driver Leads Police on Chase Pursuit ends in Officer Involved Shooting NR12172as

04/11/12 - LAPD Develops Guidelines to Improve Interactions with Transgender Individuals New Procedures to Be Discussed at Special Community Forum NR12169rf

04/11/12 - LAPD Police Department Targets Impaired Drivers with Checkpoint NA12076gb

04/11/12 - North Hollywood Detectives Seek Additional Victims in Kidnapping /attempted Murder Investigation NR12168wr

04/11/12 - “Lock It, Hide It, Keep It” Campaign Continues NR12073ne

04/10/12 - Armed Robbery Suspect Impersonated A Police Officer NR12171kr

04/09/12 - LAPD Ready for Dodgers’ Opening Day/Additional Officers Will Be Deployed to Ensure Safety NR12166rf

04/09/12 - Gathering in Van Nuys Ends in Murder NR12165cj

04/09/12 - Little Tokyo Robbery Suspect Sought NR121162bb

04/08/12 - Man Shot to Death in Echo Park NR12163gb

04/05/12 - In Recognition of National Volunteer Appreciation Month

04/05/12 - A Fake-Bearded Suspect Robbed Three Drug Stores NR121159rh

04/05/12 - Man fatally shot; another wounded by gunfire at a Housing Development NR121160wr

04/04/12 - LAPD DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoints and Saturation Patrol

04/04/12 - Brutal Attempt Murder Suspect Sought NR121161kr

04/04/12 - Devonshire Area Hate Incident Investigated NR121160cj

04/04/12 - Task Force Targets Burglary Suspects Photos of Burglary Suspects and Stolen Property will also be Available for Viewing

04/03/12 - LAPD Chief Charlie Beck holds Monthly Media availability

04/03/12 - Sexual Predator on the Prowl Females Advised to Keep Their Eyes and Ears Open NR12154kr

04/02/12 - Sobriety Checkpoint NA12067rh

04/02/12 - Distracted Driving Zero Tolerance Enforcement Operation NR121151SF

04/02/12 - Burglars Break into Home and Steal a Safe NR12142mjf

04/02/12 - Woman Struck While in Roadway by Hit and Run Driver NR121155wr

04/02/12 - Police Seek Witnesses to Fatal Hit and Run NR12157wr

04/02/12 - Strip Club Shooting Leaves One Dead NR121152kr

04/02/12 - Critical Missing Person NR121153kr