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April 2014

04/28/14 - Officer-Involved Shooting in Central Area NR14171ne

04/28/14 - Robbery Suspects Caught on Video NR14168sm

04/28/14 - 73-Year-Old Missing Man NR14172ne

04/25/14 - Rising Thefts of Catalytic Converters in Wilshire Area NR14166rf

04/25/14 - Pedestrian Struck by Hit-and-Run Motorist Dies at Scene NR14065sm

04/25/14 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrols

04/25/14 - Murder near Freeway on Ramp NR14169rh

04/25/14 - Memorial Star Unveiling Ceremony NA14062rh

04/24/14 - LAPD and DEA Taking Back Unwanted Prescription Drugs in Conjunction with Kaiser Permanente NA14068wr

04/24/14 - Burglary Suspect Caught On Video NR14164wr

04/24/14 - LAPD Cadet Career Fair Hosted by the OCB Collaborative NR14033sm

04/24/14 - Mission Possible 2014 Event Aims to Raise Autism Awareness NA14070ne

04/24/14 - Officer-Involved Shooting in Newton Area NR14167bm

04/23/14 - 21-Year-Old Missing Woman NR14162rh-rf

04/21/14 - Man Shot Multiple Times with Shotgun NR14158rf

04/21/14 - Remembering Police Officer II+2 Christopher Cortijo Motor Officer of the Year - 2013 Valley Traffic Division NR14145rh

04/21/14 - Officer-Involved Shooting inside Police Station NR14160ne

04/21/14 - Identify Cell Phone Store Bandits NR14152pv

04/19/14 - Media Final Walk Through for Police Officer Cortijo’s Memorial Service NA14067ne

04/18/14 - Short Term Freeway Closures Planned for Downtown Los Angeles Area, April 22, 2014

04/18/14 - Request to Immediately Discontinue the Circulation of Arrestee Robert Ransom’s Photograph NR14157SF

04/18/14 - Man Found Shot to Death in the Cab of His Delivery Truck NR14156sm

04/18/14 - Donation Account Opened to Assist Officer Christopher Cortijo’s family NR14155nv

04/17/14 - Media Logistics for Coverage of Officer Christopher Cortijo Memorial Service

04/17/14 - LAPD Detective Jackeline Orellana-Diaz Going Above & Beyond to Serve the Los Angeles Community NR14153sm

04/17/14 - 50-year-old Female and 40-year-old Male Arrested for Human Trafficking NR14151nv

04/15/14 - Unveiling of LAPD Newton Area’s Little Free Library NA14065rh

04/15/14 - National Child Abuse Awareness Month NA14058rh

04/15/14 - Benedict Canyon Murder Suspect Arrested NR14150wr

04/15/14 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrols NA14064SF

04/15/14 - 21st Annual TOP COPS Awards, LAPD Officer Recognized for Bravery NR14149wr

04/15/14 - 68-Year-Old Los Angeles Woman Missing NR14146sm

04/15/14 - 40-Year-Old Father of Four Shot and Killed in South Los Angeles NR14143nv

04/13/14 - Officer-Involved Shooting in Hollywood Division NR14148bm

04/13/14 - Man Found Shot to Death Inside His Residence NR14147sm

04/11/14 - Memorial Services to Honor LAPD Officer Christopher A. Cortijo Who Passed Away on Wednesday, April 9, 2014 NA14063sm

04/10/14 - Double Murder Discovered in a Converted Garage NR14141rh

04/10/14 - $50,000 Reward Offered in Connection with the Murder of Paul T. James NA14061wr

04/10/14 - Officers Saved Woman from a Burning House NR14144nv

04/10/14 - 77th Division Along with the Los Angeles Football Club Soccer Academy for Teens is Hosting UCLA’s NCAA Champions Women’s Soccer Team NA14060wr

04/09/14 - 82-Year-old Los Angeles Man Missing NR14140SF

04/09/14 - $75,000 Reward Offered in Connection with the Murders of Gisella Yauli and Dillon Reyes NA14057rh

04/08/14 - Two $50,000 Rewards Offered in Connection with the Murders of Michelle Lozano and Bree’Anna Guzman NA14055nv

04/07/14 - Los Angeles Police Valley Traffic Division Motorcycle Officer Gravely Injured During On Duty Traffic Collision NR14139rh

04/07/14 - 65-Year-Old Missing Man NR14138rh

04/07/14 - Underground Parking Garage Murder NR14137rh

04/07/14 - Shooting Death near an Elementary School NR14136rh

04/07/14 - LAPD Has Big Plans for Little Libraries LAPD’s Little Free Library Looking for Sponsors NR14103rh

04/07/14 - Officer-Involved Shooting in Foothill NR14134nv

04/07/14 - 17-Year-Old Juvenile Missing NR14135ne

04/04/14 - Man Missing for Two Weeks NR14133rf

04/04/14 - 33-Year-Old Missing Male NR14132nv

04/04/14 - Educational Forums Regarding Immigration Fraud

04/03/14 - Chief Charlie Beck’s Monthly Media Availability NA14053WR

04/02/14 - Police Chief Charlie Beck to Host Muslim Community Forum NA14051nv

04/02/14 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrols NA14052bb

04/02/14 - Los Angeles Police Department Joins Crackdown on Texting and Handheld Cell Use behind the Wheel NA14050rh

04/02/14 - 54-year-old Edward Nix Killed by Hit-and-Run driver NR14125nv