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August 2014

08/28/14 - “Made in America” Music Festival Media Parking Information NA14148bb

08/28/14 - 48-Year-Old Missing Man NR14323dm

08/28/14 - Officer-Involved Shooting in Southwest Area NR14324nv

08/27/14 - LAPD Seeking Public’s Help in Identifying Parties in Physical Altercation NR14322jk

08/26/14 - LAPD Crime Lab Accreditation Ceremony and Open House

08/26/14 - Update on San Fernando Valley Homicides NR14146lp

08/26/14 - Community Forum Regarding Licensing of Undocumented Residents NA14147sm

08/25/14 - 44-year-old Missing Man NR14322bb

08/25/14 - 33-year-old Man Missing with Mental Capacity of 8-year-old NR14318jk

08/25/14 - Unveiling of LAPD Devonshire Area’s Little Free Library NA14145SF

08/24/14 - Three Homicides in the San Fernando Valley May Be Related NR14321lp

08/23/14 - Pedestrian Dies after Being Struck by Metro-Link Train NR14320dm

08/23/14 - Traffic Collision Results in Double Fatality NR14319dm

08/20/14 - LAPD Responds to $5 Million Settlement with the Family of Man Shot after Vehicle Pursuit NR14316jk

08/20/14 - Former Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputy Arrested for Distribution of Child Pornography NR14317ne

08/19/14 - Los Angeles Police Department Pacific Area partners with Safe Moves to promote Back to School Traffic Safety NA14143dm

08/19/14 - Dangerous Vehicle Pursuit Ends with Suspect Killed and SWAT Officer Shot and Severely Injured NR14315SF

08/19/14 - Unveiling of LAPD Southeast Area’s Little Free Library NA14142lp

08/19/14 - Deputy Chief Jorge Villegas will host an evening of dialogue with the Latino Community NA14141lp

08/18/14 - 30-year-old Woman Missing NR14314lp

08/18/14 - Officer-Involved Shooting in Hollenbeck Area NR14313lp

08/17/14 - Media Staging Area for the Proposed Demonstration in front of Police Administration Building

08/17/14 - Media Staging Area for the Proposed Demonstration in front of Police Administration Building NA14140jk

08/14/14 - Celebrate Labor Day Weekend Responsibly NA14139nv

08/13/14 - Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Provides Preliminary Update on Officer- Involved Shooting in Newton Area NR14311as

08/12/14 - Los Angeles Police Commission Grants Chief Charlie Beck Another Five-Year Term

08/12/14 - Chief Charlie Beck Reappointed For Second Term as Chief of LAPD NR14310sm

08/12/14 - Officer-Involved Shooting in Newton Area NR14309lp

08/11/14 - LAPD Responds to Media Inquiries Regarding Crime Coding for the FBI NR14306jk

08/11/14 - Man shot to death in the Hollenbeck Area NR14302lp

08/11/14 - 26-Year-Old Critical Missing Man NR14301nv

08/11/14 - Law Enforcement Related Injury in Pacific NR14307jk

08/11/14 - Husband Shoots Wife in Sylmar Home, Arrested NR14308pv

08/11/14 - Officer-Involved Shooting in Malibu NR14289jk

08/11/14 - Law Enforcement in Custody Death in Newton NR14303jk

08/11/14 - Law Enforcement Related Injury in Southwest NR14305jk

08/11/14 - Law Enforcement in Custody Death in Newton NR14304jk

08/08/14 - LAPD Recruit Graduation NA14136rf

08/07/14 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrols

08/06/14 - Officer-Involved Shooting in West Valley Area

08/06/14 - Joint Statement Regarding the Donation to LAPD’s Metropolitan Division Mounted Platoon NR14300jk

08/06/14 - Human Trafficking Suspects Use Social Media to Lure Victims NR14299jm

08/06/14 - Child Abuction Regional Emergency (C.A.R.E.) Alert Biological Mother Wanted for Abduction of Two Children NR14295jk

08/05/14 - LAPD Central Community Police Station Hosts “National Night Out” NA14135lp

08/03/14 - LAPD Responds To Recent Articles On Discipline Matters NR14295an

08/02/14 - 19-year-old shot and killed in the Wilmington Area NR14293nv/jm

08/02/14 - Husband Kills Wife then Self NR14294pv/jm

08/01/14 - Sexual Battery/Indecent Exposure Suspect Sought NR14290nv

08/01/14 - LAUSD Police Officers Injured In Traffic Collision NR14291nv

08/01/14 - Missing LAPD Shotgun Recovered and One Suspect Arrested for Grand Theft NR14292SF