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August 2016

08/30/16 - $50,000 Reward Offered NA16185aj

08/29/16 - Registered Bicycle Returned To Owner NR16263dm

08/29/16 - Struggle for Officers Gun Results in Officer Involved Shooting NRf049-16ma

08/29/16 - During a Traffic Stop Armed Suspect is Shot NRF052-16ma

08/29/16 - This Labor Day, Remember: Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Los Angeles Police Department Shows Zero Tolerance in Its Goal to End Drunk Driving NA16184aj

08/29/16 - Home Invasion Robbery in Sun Valley NR16270dm

08/29/16 - Man Murdered in Skid Row NR16267jh

08/26/16 - Pedestrian Fatal Hit and Run NR16269lp

08/26/16 - Residential Burglary Suspects Caught on Video NR16254dm

08/25/16 - Human Trafficking Task Force, Enforcement Update NA16182aj

08/25/16 - 76-Year-Old Missing Male NR16268aj

08/25/16 - Los Angeles Police Hold Blood Drive Competition for Cedars-Sinai Patients NA16181ml

08/25/16 - Mother Arrested for Child Endangerment Resulting in Death NR16265ml

08/25/16 - Residential Burglary Suspects Caught on Tape NR16258lp

08/25/16 - Detectives Seeking Help to Identify Robbery Suspect NR16264lp

08/25/16 - Fatal Hit and Run Hit, Involving Motorcycle vs. Truck Traffic Collision NR16266ti

08/24/16 - 26-Year-Old Man Killed in Boyle Heights NR16262ml

08/24/16 - 1 Shot and Killed, 2 Wounded During a Pool Party NR16261ml

08/23/16 - Community Safety Partnership Program Hosts a Community Fair for Residents of Pueblo Del Rio Housing Development NA16179lp

08/23/16 - LAPD Arrest One of Their Own for Distribution of Harmful Matter to a Juvenile NR16260an

08/23/16 - Rampart Community Resource Fair and Back to School Give-Away NA16180lp

08/19/16 - 67-Year-Old Critical Missing Male NR16258jh

08/18/16 - Sexual Assault Suspect in Custody

08/18/16 - 28 Year Old Man Killed in San Pedro NR16257aj

08/18/16 - Murder and Attempt Murder in the Mission Area NR16256lp

08/17/16 - Operation Summer Rescue yields 286 arrests and 10 rescues NR16253jh

08/17/16 - Felon Sentenced To Prison For Sex Trafficking of a Minor NR16255dm

08/17/16 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrols

08/16/16 - Homicide In Harbor Division NR16251aj

08/16/16 - 73-year-old Man Missing NR16252jh

08/16/16 - Hollenbeck Community Safety Partnership Summer Youth Employment Program NA16175ti

08/16/16 - The Los Angeles Police Department Focuses on Traffic Education and Enforcement as Students Return to School NA16174dm

08/15/16 - $35,000 Reward Offered NA16173aj

08/15/16 - 24-year old Man Murdered NR16250aj

08/15/16 - The Los Angeles Police Department & Hollenbeck Community Police Station, In Partnership With Councilman Jose Huizar, Bring You “Movie With a Cop” NA16172dm

08/12/16 - Education and Enforcement at Dangerous Intersections NA16171jk

08/11/16 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrols NA16170jh

08/11/16 - 26-Year-Old Critical Missing Male NR16249aj

08/09/16 - 76-Year-Old Critical Missing Female NR16247aj

08/09/16 - Baby Formula Thieves Arrested NR16246jh

08/09/16 - Runaway Brothers from Winnetka NR16244ml

08/09/16 - 80-Year-Old Missing Male Adult NR16243dm

08/09/16 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints NA16166jh

08/05/16 - LAPD Central Bureau Racers Panel Discussion

08/05/16 - LAPD Recruit Graduation

08/04/16 - Suspect Armed with Handgun Fights with Hollenbeck Gang Enforcement Officers During Attempted Arrest NRF045-16h

08/03/16 - Stolen Painting from Art Gallery NR16237aj

08/03/16 - Information Wanted on Attempt Murder Investigation

08/03/16 - LAPD Responds to LAPPL NR16241jk

08/03/16 - Shop With A Cop At Newton Division NA16164ti

08/03/16 - Residential Burglary Suspect caught on surveillance NR16227jh

08/03/16 - Bicyclist Severely Injured in Hit and Run Traffic Collision NR16240jh

08/03/16 - Hot Prowl Burglary / Sexual Predator Suspect Caught on Surveillance Video NR16239ti

08/03/16 - Los Angeles Police Department and the Community Celebrates “National Night Out “ NA16151ti

08/03/16 - Shop With A Cop At Hollywood Division NA16155aj

08/03/16 - Mission Area 10851 Award Program NA16163ti

08/02/16 - Suspect Armed with Handgun Fights with Hollenbeck Gang Enforcement Officers During Attempted Arrest

08/02/16 - Murder Suspect Arrested after 16 Years NA16162jk

08/02/16 - Join Central Community Police Station For The 32nd Annual “National Night Out” Central Division NA16160aj

08/01/16 - Fatal Shooting in Harbor City NR16235ml

08/01/16 - Hit and Run Fatal Traffic Collision NR16236ml