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Chief of Police Message - December 2012

Chief’s Message
December 2012

As I write the last message for the year, I proudly reflect on the accomplishments we have had over the last 12 months and I look forward to what 2013 holds for us on a professional and personal level.  In addition to a continued drop in crime, we had notable successes with the second hard closure of the 405 freeway, or Carmageddon II, and the transportation of the Space Shuttle Endeavour from LAX to the California Science Center.  These are just two examples of our ability to collaborate with other agencies and the community, in order to produce positive results.

Likewise, it would be impossible to have these and other types of successes without the support and cooperation we get from our City partners.  Whether it be vigorously prosecuting the cases we investigate, defending our officers against lawsuits, or coordinating gang intervention efforts, we thank these individuals for their hard work and dedication throughout the year:

•    Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
•    District Attorney Steve Cooley – Los Angeles County District Attorney
•    Deputy Mayor Ilene Decker – Officer of the Mayor
•    Supervising Attorney Cory Brente – City Attorney
•    Deputy Mayor Guillermo Cespedes – Gang Reduction & Youth Development
•    Transportation Engineer Aram Sahakian – Department of Transportation
•    General Manager James G. Featherstone – Emergency Management Department

Lastly, I would like to thank each of you for everything that you’ve done to help preserve the quality of life for the people of Los Angeles.  The Los Angeles Police Department would not be where it is today, if not for the dedication of each member of this organization.  You have much to be proud of and, as your Chief, I couldn’t be more honored to represent you.

Employee Wellness

While the holiday season is largely viewed as a joyous time that is celebrated by many, there are those who may have difficulty during this time of year.  The holidays can bring about personal pain to those who struggle to deal with emotional issues, trauma, the loss of loved ones or just everyday life experiences.  For those individuals, the holiday season can lead them to cause harm to themselves.

Having worked the field for so many years, I know we are expected to take charge of difficult, traumatic situations while constantly caring for the welfare of others.  Oftentimes we are so consumed with providing for the safety and security of others, we tend to push our own feelings aside.  We may not even realize it when we ourselves or a coworker is in need of help.

No one is immune to the difficulties or struggles of those we encounter.  I know all of us could use some form of help at one time or another.  This could simply involve talking openly to a friend, a family member, or a coworker.  Yet, sometimes just talking to these well-meaning individuals is not enough and we need to look to others for help.  I am here to remind you there are many other department resources available to you in times of need.  Our Department has over 200 peer support members, Department Chaplains, and the psychologists at Behavioral Sciences Services, who truly understand the challenges faced by police officers and civilian employees.  

I understand personnel often don’t want to go to BSS for a couple of reasons - officers may feel he or she doesn’t need help or they think it reflects some weakness on their part.  I want to reiterate to you it is not a sign of “weakness” to seek help; rather it shows great strength and courage.  It is much better to lean on someone during difficult times rather than go through it alone.  Please remember you are not alone.  

BSS:  213-252-3090
Suicide Prevention Hotline:  800-273-8255
Department Chaplain:  213-486-7020
Peer Support Cadre – see listing on top of Chief’s Page

History of Northeast Area  

Established in 1925, Northeast Division was once part of the old East Side Station on Avenue 19 south of Figueroa Street.  The original Police Station was built on York Boulevard at Mesa and was the classic brick building associated with police stations of that era.  The building still stands today and is the home of the Los Angeles Police Museum.  Northeast is also home to the Los Angeles Police Academy which hosted the pistol competition of the 1932 Summer Olympics.  Across the street from the Los Angeles Police Academy is the home of the Los Angeles Dodgers who have played baseball at Dodger Stadium since 1962.  

In 1983, Northeast Division moved from the York Station to its current home on San Fernando Road.  The design for the new Northeast Station was approved and it is anticipated that construction will begin in mid 2013 and be completed by the end of 2015.   

Northeast Fallen Heroes

Sergeant John F. Toolen, EOW:  October 19, 1915
Policeman George E. Papst, EOW:  July 27, 1924  
Policeman Arthur L. Davenport, EOW:  May 16, 1926
Policeman William H. Marple, EOW:  February 27, 1929
Policeman John M. Schomaker, EOW:  February 27, 1929
Policeman Paul Donath, EOW:  April 28, 1932
Policeman Malcom L. Beaty, EOW:  August 29, 1966
Policeman Donald L. Highley, EOW:  February 10, 1968
Detective Abiel “Abe” Barron, EOW:  June 25, 2003
Police Officer Landon Dorris, EOW:  October 22, 2006

Always In Our Thoughts and Prayers

Godspeed to our sworn who actively serve our Country and are away from home during this holiday season;

Police Officer II Ulysses Aceves                Serial No. 38171        U.S. Coast Guard
Police Officer III Christopher Campagna    Serial No. 36710        U.S. Marines
Police Officer II Timothy Colson                Serial No. 32160        U.S. Army
Detective I Edward Dorroh                       Serial No. 33227        U.S. Navy
Police Officer III Jeremy Duncan               Serial No. 34632        U.S. Army
Police Officer II Nicole Evans                    Serial No. 37628        U.S. Coast Guard
Police Officer III Russell Freeman              Serial No. 24588        U.S. Army
Sergeant I Billy Gilbert                              Serial No. 31491        U.S. Army
Police Officer II Brandon Griffith                Serial No. 38689        U.S. Army
Police Officer II Adam Gutierrez                Serial No. 40157        U.S. Army
Sergeant I Loma Holland                           Serial No. 30394        U.S. Navy
Police Officer III Manuel Huezo                 Serial No. 33990        U.S. Coast Guard
Sergeant I Jeffrey Spangler                        Serial No. 35036        U.S. Army
Police Officer II Steven Underwood           Serial No. 39672        U.S. Army
Sergeant I Hector Villanueva                     Serial No. 35500        U.S. Navy

Remembering the Departed…..

Retired Detective III Melvin Wayne Abernathy                        Serial No. 12005    EOW 1/4/2012
Retired Police Officer II Kenneth Majors                                 Serial No. 11877    EOW 1/12/2012
Retired Detective II Carlton H. Lawrence                                Serial No. 22471    EOW 1/15/2012
Retired Executive Administrative Assistant III Martha Garcia   Serial No. B8298    EOW 1/15/2012
Retired Detective III Hector Guevara                                       Serial No. 6960    EOW 1/17/2012
Retired Detective III Ronald G. Farwell                                    Serial No. 11119    EOW 1/17/2012
Retired Police Officer II Kevin Kirsch                                       Serial No. 17960    EOW 1/18/2012
Retired Detective III Phillip Lewis Vannatter                              Serial No. 14877    EOW 1/20/2012
Criminal Intelligence Analyst Gloria Woodard                            Serial No. V9588    EOW 1/25/2012
Retired Lieutenant II Ronald M. Lopez                                     Serial No. 7544    EOW 1/27/2012
Retired Commander Harold E. Yarnell                                      Serial No. 3662    EOW 1/29/2012
Police Service Representative Latrice McCarther                      Serial No. G8046    EOW 2/1/2012
Retired Police Investigator II Wendell J. Ritzius                         Serial No. 4073    EOW 2/3/2012
Retired Detective I John Vanderwall                                         Serial No. 17357    EOW 2/4/2012
Retired Captain II Samuel Wilson                                             Serial No. 5812    EOW 2/7/2012
Retired Detective II James M. Witowski                                    Serial No. 20751    EOW 2/12/2012
Police Service Representative Yolanda Bunn                             Serial No. G9755    EOW 2/26/2012
Retired Policeman III Donald Lee Horne                                   Serial No. 13238    EOW 3/2/2012
Retired Sergeant I Beverly Jean Brink                                       Serial No. 21848    EOW 3/6/2012
Retired Police Officer II Ernest Gallego Jr.                                Serial No. 21807    EOW 3/7/2012
Retired Policeman Troy Bryant Ford                                         Serial No. 10938    EOW 3/4/2012
Retired Detective II Donald Kalash                                           Serial No. 16201    EOW 3/16/2012
Retired Detective III Joe Villalba                                               Serial No. 10119    EOW 3/17/2012
Retired Police Investigator III David Slaff                                   Serial No. 7076    EOW 3/21/2012
Retired Police Investigator II Frank Adam Marz                         Serial No. 4224    EOW 3/19/2012
Retired Criminalist II Ronald J. Raquel                                        Serial No. E9120    EOW 3/22/2012
Sergeant I Elizabeth Vandenberg                                               Serial No. 23894    EOW 3/28/2012
Retired Sergeant Wayne Richard Bell                                         Serial No. 4277    EOW 4/10/2012
Retired Lieutenant I Neal Lee Fine                                              Serial No. 16986    EOW 4/21/2012
Lieutenant I Joseph Satow                                                         Serial No. 24020    EOW 4/23/2012
Retired Detective I Steve Cordova                                            Serial No. 22257    EOW 5/11/2012
Retired Police Officer III Americo Francescon                            Serial No. 13653    EOW 5/14/2012
Retired Lieutenant II John Patric Brennan                                   Serial No. 3866    EOW 5/17/2012
Retired Police Officer II Dean Cain                                            Serial No. 15821    EOW 5/21/2012
Retired Lieutenant I Ben Gering                                                Serial No. 20779    EOW 5/23/2012
Retired Policeman III Ernest Celaya                                          Serial No. 7053    EOW 5/24/2012
Retired Captain III Donald Floyd                                                Serial No. 12421    EOW 5/25/2012
Retired Detective III Donald R. Ham                                         Serial No. 5621    EOW 5/25/2012
Retired Policeman III + I Robert T. Watrous                              Serial No. 4266    EOW 6/1/2012
Retired Policeman III Thomas Hartkopf                                     Serial No. 5624    EOW 6/10/2012
Reserve Officer Charles Valenti                                                 Serial No. R0149    EOW 6/15/2012
Retired Police Officer III Danny Louis Staggs                             Serial No. 16006    EOW 6/18/2012
Retired Policeman II James William Hamner                               Serial No. 6232    EOW 6/28/2012
Retired Detective III Burton Lee Hokanson                                Serial No. 10253    EOW 7/9/2012
Retired Detective II John Bodie                                                  Serial No. 12405    EOW 7/10/2012
Retired Policeman Clinton Erickson                                            Serial No. 5608    EOW 7/11/2012
Retired Police Officer II Norvin Sulflow                                      Serial No. 6902    EOW 7/13/2012
Equipment Mechanic William Dean                                             Serial No. N4319    EOW 7/18/2012
Retired Detective III James Gallagher                                        Serial No. 6855     EOW 7/28/2012
Retired Sergeant I John M. Rygh                                                Serial No. 12691    EOW 8/27/2012
Retired Specialist Volunteer Robert J. Westmore                        Serial No. R3021    EOW 8/9/2012
Retired Sergeant II Jeanne Marie Harris                                     Serial No. 31479    EOW 9/13/2012
Retired Detective II George Lee Hampton                                 Serial No. 10734    EOW 9/1/2012
Retired Police Officer II + 2 Jerry Swain                                   Serial No. 7424    EOW 9/23/2012
Police Officer III Conce Donegan                                              Serial No. 35370    EOW 9/28/2012
Retired Police Investigator III Donald Shepard                          Serial No. 5427    EOW 9/29/2012
Retired Police Officer III Samuel Wilson                                    Serial No. 13970    EOW 9/26/2012

Have a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous and safe New Year.  I look forward to working alongside all of you in 2013.

Happy Holidays!