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Complex Financial Crimes Section

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oversaw by Lt. Siage Hosea
Complex Financial Crimes Section of Commercial Crimes Division is comprised of four separate units, each with distinct duties and areas of expertise. The units are listed below:

Computer Crimes Unit (CCU)
Conducts investigations of any crime committed using computer stored information, or sabotage
to computer stored information. The Computer Crimes Unit serves two major functions:

1. Forensics — The Forensic Section is responsible for conducting forensic analysis of
computer media for Department personnel.

2. Investigations — The Investigative Section conducts investigations city, state and
nationwide wherein computers are the target of illicit activity, including the handling of
complex Internet-related or high technology related crimes.

Elder Persons Estate Unit (EPEU)
Conducts investigations of complex fiduciary elder abuse crimes related to theft or embezzlement from elders or dependent adults when a substantial loss of the victim’s entire estate is at risk.  

Real Estate Unit (REU)
Conducts complex real estate fraud investigations wherein the title was forged and “complex” fraudulent loan modification cases involving multiple victims.  The REU investigates rent scam incidents on a case by case basis.      

White Collar Crime Unit (WCCU)
Conducts specialized major fraud investigations involving multiple victims and/or suspects.

Types of crimes investigated:
  • Offers of Bribes or theft cases involving City employees or public officials
  • Embezzlements
  • High dollar loss in excess of $300,000.00
  • Crimes involving high profile victim and/or suspect
  • Corporate Security Act violations
  • Bunco crimes
  • Complex Grand Thefts (including Ponzi and Pyramid schemes on a case by case basis)