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December 1998

12/31/98 - Victim Found Dead in 77th Area

12/31/98 - Rampart Area Investigates Consumer Fraud and Theft by False Pretenses

12/31/98 - Missing Child Found in Southwest Area

12/31/98 - Victim is Killed Near 77th Area Police Station

12/31/98 - Victim is Murdered While Visiting a Friend in the Wilshire Area

12/23/98 - Task Force 98

12/22/98 - Financial Crimes Division Will Hold a Press Conference Regarding Confiscation ofCounterfeit Items

12/22/98 - Financial Crimes Division Serves Warrants for Counterfeit Merchandise and Arrests Three

12/22/98 - Rampart Area Distributes X-mas Cheer during Their 8th Annual X-mas food and toybasket giveaway

12/22/98 - South Bureau Homicide Requests Assistance in Solving a Murder that Took place at the Nido Motel

12/21/98 - Update: LAPD Arrests Grinder Restaurant Robbery Suspect

12/17/98 - First LAPD Japanese-American Captain

12/17/98 - Christmas Baskets Are Delivered to Headstart Schools in the North Hollywood Area

12/17/98 - Pacific Area Arrests Rape Suspect

12/17/98 - West Los Angeles 4th Annual Christmas Charity Airlift to Mexico

12/16/98 - LA DA Files Charges on Ofcr Brown's Murder

12/16/98 - South Bureau Homicide Detectives Investigates Murder

12/14/98 - ABC Revokes Liquor License

12/14/98 - ABC Shuts Down L.A. Bar

12/14/98 - Robbery Occurs at Grinder Restaurant in Harbor Area

12/11/98 - Metro's 3rd Annual A Better Christmas

12/11/98 - Southeast Christmas Basket Extravaganza

12/10/98 - Ramparts 27th Annual Christmas Gift Donations to Blind Children's Center

12/02/98 - Murdered Victim found in Central Area

12/02/98 - Officer Brian Brown's Funeral Notice

12/01/98 - Pedestrian Dies After Being Struck by Vehicle