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News Release

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Media Relations

Celebrate New Year's Eve Safely, Don't Shoot Into The Air!

Chief William J. Bratton, Sheriff Leroy D. Baca and

Los Angeles County and City Officials

"Don't Shoot! Celebrate New Year's Eve Safely!" Gunfire Reduction Campaign

Thursday, December 30, 2004
11:00 a.m.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Century Station
Kenneth Hahn Auditorium
11703 South Alameda Street
Lynwood (Thomas Guide Page 704, J-7)

Note: Winning essay and poster entries from hundreds of elementary, middle school and high school students who participated in the "Don't Shoot" contest will be on display and recognized after the news conference.

Los Angeles: Every year, a significant number of people throughout Los Angeles County engage in the extremely dangerous practice of discharging firearms into the air to celebrate New Year's Eve. As a result, there are tragic stories about people who are seriously injured or killed as the bullets fall to earth.

Both the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department have joined forces, to make a significant impact on this problem. A series of Public Service Announcements (PSA) have been airing on local radio and television stations and cable networks. Thousands of "Don't Shoot" flyers and posters have been printed and distributed by each of our Departments at local grocery stores. In addition, a poster and essay contest was held for children in both our jurisdictions. This year's theme, for the children participating in the contest, was "Don't Shoot Guns in the Air." It is the hope of both agencies that this contest, along with other efforts, will help to inform the public regarding the dangers and dire consequences of this irresponsible act.

On Thursday, December 30, 2004, at 11:00 a.m., Chief Bratton, Sheriff Baca and other Los Angeles County and City officials will hold a news conference at the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department's Century Station, to publicize their concern about discharging firearms into the air.

Please note that copies of the Public Service Announcement will be available to the media at the news conference. The PSAs in audio and Beta video format are produced in both English and Spanish.

Also at the news conference will be the winning essay and poster entries from hundreds of elementary, middle school and high school students who participated in the "Don't Shoot" contest.

This news release was prepared by LAPD Media Relations Section, at 213-485-3586.