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December 2012

12/31/12 - Man Suffering from Alzheimer's Disease Goes Missing in West Los Angeles. The 74-year-old Man was Last Seen Riding a Light Blue Bicycle NR12601SF

12/30/12 - Officer-Involved Shooting (OIS) in Mission NR12602ne

12/28/12 - LAPD Hollywood Detectives Investigate a Burglary at a Local Church NR12599vh

12/27/12 - Pedestrian Struck and Killed by Train NR12597LG

12/27/12 - Motorcyclist Killed in Traffic Collision NR12598vh

12/27/12 - Gun Buyback Program Takes Over 2,000 Firearms Off City Streets In Time for New Year NR12596rh

12/27/12 - Celebrating the New Year with Gunfire will Not be Tolerated in the City and County of Los Angeles NR12569rh

12/24/12 - Bicyclist Critically Struck by Hit and Run Driver NR12595vh

12/24/12 - New Year’s Eve Gunfire Suppression NA12270rh

12/20/12 - Housing Authority City of Los Angeles Hollenbeck 2nd Annual Holiday Toy Giveaway in Ramona Gardens

12/20/12 - Pedestrian Killed by Hit-and-Run Motorist NR12593ne

12/20/12 - Unsolved Homicide Results in $50K Reward Victim’s Family and Detectives Hope for More Leads NR12587rf

12/20/12 - Subject in an Attempt Murder Arrested NR12592cj

12/19/12 - City of Los Angeles Gun Buyback December 26, 2012 NR12590an

12/19/12 - 54-year-old Missing Woman NR12589LG

12/19/12 - Conviction of Suspect Charged with Brutal Attack on Dog NR12585cj

12/19/12 - LAPD Hollywood Detectives Make Celebrity Swatting Arrest NR12588as

12/19/12 - Ninth Annual San Fernando Valley Christmas Celebration NA12276vh

12/19/12 - $50K Reward Offered for Unsolved Blackmon Murder Case Victim’s Family and Detectives Hope for More Leads NA12275vh

12/19/12 - 2012 Celebration for Our Youth NA12277vh

12/19/12 - Los Angeles Police Arrest Hoax Bomb Threat Suspect NR12591rl

12/18/12 - Man Assaults a Restaurant Manager and Yells Racial Slurs NR12586cj

12/18/12 - Operation Shoes from Santa; LAPD’s Olympic Division is Providing Underprivileged Families with New Shoes NA12272vh

12/17/12 - 16-Year-Old Boy Murdered in Harbor Area NR12581vh

12/17/12 - City’s Gun Buyback Program Returns; Officials also Discuss School Safety Issues and Arrest of Suspect Who Made Threats NA12274rf

12/17/12 - Juvenile Division’s Holiday Party for Victims of Child Abuse NA12264vh

12/17/12 - Man Arrested for Criminal Threats against Schools NR12580rf

12/16/12 - Grandson Arrested for Stabbing Grandmother to Death NR12579pv

12/16/12 - Homicide in West Valley NR12578vh

12/14/12 - 42-year-old man Missing NR12574vh

12/14/12 - LAPD Releases Statement on School Safety NR12575NE

12/14/12 - Missing Woman and Her Infant Child NR12573ne

12/14/12 - Woman Shot to Death on Street; Detectives Unable to Determine Motive NR12572rf

12/14/12 - Chief Charlie Beck Responds to Judgment in Gomez Eriza Lawsuit NR12577rf

12/14/12 - Sketch Released: Ear Gauge Stalker

12/12/12 - Officer-Involved Shooting (OIS) in Southwest NR12565cj

12/12/12 - Detectives Investigate Valley Village Apartment Burglaries NR12568rf

12/12/12 - Job Application Bandit NR12567LG

12/12/12 - Santa Claus in a Mini Presidential Motorcade To Hand Out Gifts To Over 1100 Kids NR12566cj

12/12/12 - Operation Shoes from Santa LAPD’s Olympic Division is Providing Underprivileged Families with New Shoes NA12272vh

12/11/12 - Battle of the Badges Blood Drive; Law Enforcement Agencies Prepare For Battle NA12269LG

12/11/12 - LAPD Helicopter Transports Santa Claus to Deliver Toys NA12267SF

12/11/12 - BOLO: The Ear Gauge Stalker NR12564pv

12/11/12 - 14-Year-Old Girl Left in Critical Condition after Being Shot in the Face NA12268rf

12/11/12 - Communities, Cities and Countries Unite Through the Universal Language of Art NA12266SF

12/10/12 - 22-year-old Murder Solved NR12561vh

12/10/12 - Three Chinese Suspects Wanted in Chinese Religious Scam NR12563cj

12/08/12 - LAPD clarifies release of the autopsy report in Christopher Wallace murder investigation NR12560as

12/07/12 - Pedestrian Struck and Killed by Metrolink NR12559LG

12/07/12 - Officer-Involved Shooting (OIS) in Hollywood NR12562cj

12/07/12 - 20-year-old Man Missing NR12558vh

12/07/12 - Felony Hit and Run Traffic Collision LAPD Motor Officer involved NR12557vh

12/06/12 - Media Availability with Chief Charlie Beck NA12262cj

12/06/12 - Los Angeles Police Department Targets Repeat Offenders for Driving Under the Influence NA12265vh

12/06/12 - Masked Robbers Steal Money from Church Employees NR12555rf

12/06/12 - Commercial Burglary Suspect Captured on Video Surveillance NR12554LG

12/05/12 - Burglary Detectives Recover Over 10,000 Items Victims May Be able to Reclaim Belongings NA12260vh

12/05/12 - LAPD News Conference Regarding Multi-4 Murder Case NA12261an

12/05/12 - Fundraiser for Cancer-Stricken Officer’s Daughter; Victim is Only 10 Years Old NR12553LG

12/05/12 - LAPD, Cal State L.A. University Police and California Highway Patrol Conduct Free Vehicle Safety Inspections NA12263cj

12/04/12 - LAPD Robbery Homicide Detectives Arrest Four in Murder Case NR12526an

12/03/12 - 9th Annual Motor4Toys Charity Toy Drive NA12246ne

12/01/12 - Officer-Involved Shooting in Van Nuys NR12556ne