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December 2013

12/31/13 - Celebrating the New Year with Gunfire will Not be Tolerated in the City and County of Los Angeles NR13546rh

12/27/13 - New Year’s Eve D.U.I. Prevention Campaign NA13242gb

12/27/13 - 99-Year-Old Missing Man NR13547rh

12/27/13 - New Year’s Eve Gunfire Suppression NA13241rh

12/26/13 - LAPD Bomb Squad Officer Rescues Man from Burning Car on Christmas Day NR13544an

12/24/13 - Convenience Store Clerk Shot and Killed NR13541bb

12/24/13 - Brutal Stabbing of 35-year-old William Jennings NR13542ne

12/23/13 - Man Shot and Killed While Waiting to Meet with an Acquaintance NR13539SF

12/23/13 - Hit and Run Collision Leaves Victim with Serious Injuries NR13543sm

12/22/13 - LAPD Media Credential Renewal 2014 NA13243gb

12/20/13 - Pursuit Ends in Officer Involved Shooting NR13537an

12/20/13 - Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck responds to preliminary report on the December 13, 2013 Officer Involved Shooting

12/20/13 - Newtown, Connecticut Police Department Needs the Public’s Help to Locate a Man who has been Missing Since July 2013

12/18/13 - Wilshire Office Building Ransacked and Burglarized NR13535rf

12/18/13 - Woman Killed in Seven-Vehicle Collision NR13533rh

12/18/13 - Suspects Wanted for Commercial Burglary NR13536sm

12/18/13 - LAPD West Los Angeles Officers Arrest Theft Suspects and Save a Wedding Proposal NR13534av

12/18/13 - SWAT Santa Claus Makes a Toy Delivery in South Los Angeles area

12/17/13 - LAPD Hollenbeck’s 3rd Annual Holiday Toy Giveaway in Ramona Gardens Housing Authority City of Los Angeles

12/17/13 - South Traffic Division Officer Donates Jackets to Elementary School Kids NA13239rh

12/17/13 - Final 2013 Gun Buyback Results

12/17/13 - Burglary Suspects Sought, Images Captured on Video NR13531bb

12/17/13 - Valet Permits In Los Angeles Mandatory on February 1, 2014

12/16/13 - LAPD Cadet Leadership Academy Now Accepting Applications NA13234rh

12/16/13 - Citywide Gun Buyback Nets Over 800 Guns NR13532rh

12/15/13 - Officer Involved Shooting in Topanga NR13549an

12/15/13 - Officer Involved Shooting in 77th NR13552an

12/13/13 - 2013 Gun Buyback Program

12/13/13 - Green-eyed Shooter Identified in Road-rage Murder NR13530pv

12/13/13 - Veteran LAPD Officers arrested for Workers’ Compensation Fraud NR13529AN

12/13/13 - Brother Fatally Shoots Invalid Sister at Hospital NR13528PV

12/13/13 - LAPD Olympic Officers Host “Operation Shoes from Santa” Shoe Drive for Underprivileged Children

12/13/13 - Annual Winter Wonderland Toy Giveaway

12/12/13 - Los Angeles Police Department Cracking Down on Impaired Drivers during Holidays Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over

12/11/13 - LAPD Elf Walk & Cycling for Santa NA13229gb

12/10/13 - Media Availability

12/10/13 - Chief Charlie Beck’s Response to Settlement of West Traffic Officers’ Lawsuits NR13527AS

12/09/13 - Auto Club, LAPD Join Forces To Combat Holiday DUI – Ask Motorists To ‘Designate A Sober Driver’ & ‘Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over’ NA13224ne

12/09/13 - Man Struck and Killed by Metrolink Train NR13525rh

12/09/13 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints NA13223rh

12/09/13 - Man Shot and Killed in Eagle Rock NR13524rh

12/09/13 - LAPD Southwest Area - Buffalo Wild Wings Holiday Toy & Food Drive Event NA13255ne

12/06/13 - 30-Year-Old Missing Man NR13522gb

12/06/13 - $50,000 Reward Offered NA132222bb

12/06/13 - 34-Year-Old Missing Man NR13521gb

12/05/13 - 42-Year-Old Missing Woman NR13523bb

12/05/13 - Chief Charlie Beck’s Monthly Media Availability NA13220gb


12/04/13 - Suspect Injured Resisting Officers NR13520bm

12/04/13 - Officer Involved Shooting in North Hollywood NR13519bm

12/04/13 - Officer Involved Shooting in Devonshire NR13517bm

12/03/13 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoint and Saturation Patrol NA13217rh

12/03/13 - Los Angeles Police Department Receives Grant for Special Traffic Enforcement and Traffic Collision Prevention NR13511rh

12/03/13 - Los Angeles Police Department To Combat Roadway Deaths And Injuries With DUI Checkpoints NR13510rh

12/03/13 - Two Pedestrians Severely Injured in Hit and Run Traffic Collision NR134504bb

12/03/13 - $75,000 Reward Offered NA13219gb

12/03/13 - Man Burned Beyond Recognition NR13512rh

12/03/13 - Man Charged with Sexually Assaulting Dog and Committing a Burglary NR13515ne

12/03/13 - Missing Elderly Man with Dementia NR13516rf

12/03/13 - Three People Shot in West los Angeles Including a 7-Year-Old NR13518cj