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Devonshire Division Goals

The Year 2012 was an impressive year for crime Reduction for Devonshire Area.  Devonshire Area had Part I Crime reduction of 4%.  Overall Property Crime was reduced 4 percent and most importantly Violent Crime was reduced 19 percent.  Devonshire Area marshaled it resources and re-assessed its crime fighting strategies.   Innovative strategies were developed.  Area assets were efficiently and effectively managed and community partnerships were enhanced.

Devonshire Area has a developed a comprehensive Community Enhancement Plan (CEP) for 2013.  The CEP concept is to utilize multiple City resources on a continuous basis “to create and maximize public value for the community and business residents.  Devonshire Area personnel are committed to the tenants of Community Policing (Problem Solving, Partnership, Territorial Imperative, and Department-wide Orientation).  We look forward to enhancing the partnerships we share with our stakeholders to rejuvenate our Neighborhood and Business Watch, invigorate our C-PAB, youth and other volunteer programs.  The development of a genuine partnership with the community will be instrumental in the achievement of Devonshire’s 2013 goals.  We will also continue to keep the community informed through increased usage of Nixle.

By setting clear goals and implementing new and proven strategies, Devonshire’s Commanding Officers are confident the below listed goals can be met or exceeded.

  • Goal 1-Achieve Part-1 Crime reduction of -1% as identified by the Department
  • Goal 2-Community Enhancement Program (CEP)
  • Goal 3-Employee Off-Duty Campaign
  • Goal 4-Enhance Community Service
  • Goal 5-Reduction of A and K Traffic Collisions


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Devonshire Division Goals

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Michael Dobry, Outstanding Community Member
Michael Dobry
Outstanding Community Member