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Bomb Squad Training

The Explosive Section has maintained an aggressive Research and Development Program to develop new tools, equipment, and procedures to render explosive devices safe. The tools and procedures developed by the LAPD Explosives Section are used by civilian and military Bomb Squads throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Soviet Union and Australia. This equipment and technology has saved the lives of several bomb technicians while they worked on explosive devices.

The Explosives Section is continually striving to improve the quality of its contacts with the community, as well as with police and fire department personnel at the scene of an explosives related call. The Explosives Section is dedicated to enhancing public safety at the scene of any incident involving explosives. A recent increase of high profile cases, involving explosive devices, has generated an increase in public awareness and the need for quality equipment and training to match these new threats. For example, the number of live explosive devices (60) in Littleton, Colorado, demonstrated the need for the sophisticated equipment bomb technicians are required to maintain to be able to respond instantly to any life threatening situation. The Explosives Section has set specific goals designed to promote not only the safety of police personnel but of the public at large in dealing with explosive devices and bombings.

The Explosives Section also maintains an active weekly training program for Department personnel in the form of roll call training, recruit training, and Police Service Representative (PSR) training. The Section also conducts explosive recognition and evacuation procedures seminars for community groups, private industry, and the school system.