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February 2012

02/29/12 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrol

02/29/12 - LAPD Police Department Targets Impaired Drivers with Checkpoint

02/29/12 - News Conference & Enforcement Operation Pedestrian Safety and Speed Enforcement

02/28/12 - Foothill Area Re-Dedication Ceremony

02/27/12 - One Adult and Two Juveniles Arrested in Shooting Outside Los Angeles High School NR12095ne

02/27/12 - Missing Woman Possibly Seen in Hollywood Area NR12097kr

02/24/12 - Car-Jacking Suspect Leads Police on Chase Pursuit ends in Officer Involved Shooting NR12094mjf

02/24/12 - LAPD Hollenbeck Area Security Steering Wheel Lock Giveaway

02/23/12 - 29-year-old Missing Woman NR12093gb

02/23/12 - LAPD Academy Graduation

02/23/12 - Athletic Assistant Arrested NR12092kr

02/23/12 - Kidnapping Victim Dies in Traffic Collision NR12085rf

02/21/12 - Homeless Man Found Dead In Skid Row Area

02/21/12 - Missing Woman Just Arrived from Florida NR12090kr

02/21/12 - Man Stabbed in Park, Dies at Local Hospital NR12091kr

02/20/12 - Man Stabs Three People Then Runs Away NR12089cj

02/17/12 - Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff Arrested NR12084bb

02/17/12 - Distraction Burglary Suspects Arrested NR12088cj

02/17/12 - Man Shoots Three and Takes His Own Life Another Person also Found Dead in House NR12086cj

02/17/12 - DUI & Driver’s License Checkpoints Followed by DUI Saturation Patrol

02/15/12 - Police Make Arrest in Death of Los Angeles City Fire Fighter NR12081mjf

02/15/12 - Mother Held in the Death of One Child and Attempted Murder of Another NR12083kr

02/15/12 - DUI & Driver’s License Checkpoint Followed by DUI Saturation Patrol

02/15/12 - 12-Year-Old at Risk Missing Juvenile NR12082rh

02/15/12 - President of the United States

02/15/12 - News Conference Regarding Arrest of a Man Who Killed a Firefighter

02/14/12 - Masked Prowlers Invade West L.A. Home NR12080rf

02/13/12 - Gas Station Robbery Suspect Captured on Tape NR12079kr

02/12/12 - Hit-and-Run Traffic Collision Kills a Woman Caring for a Fallen Animal NR12078cj

02/11/12 - Woman Found Dead in Her Home NR12077ne

02/10/12 - Teacher Faces Multiple Counts of Lewd Acts on a Child NR12076rb

02/10/12 - LAPD Chief of Police Clarifies Proposed Change in Vehicle Impound Procedure NR12070as

02/10/12 - Fairfax Corridor Hit by Rash of Street Robberies NR12072cj

02/10/12 - Teacher Faces Multiple Counts of Lewd Acts on a Child NR12076rb

02/10/12 - Tragic Hit and Run Leaves a Woman Dead NR12075cj

02/10/12 - Chief Charlie Beck/LAPD Basketball Team Partner with Harlem Globetrotters to Promote Safety, Respect and Education to Southland Kids

02/10/12 - Missing 12-Year-Old, Kaley Frizielli NR12074ne

02/09/12 - Violent Male with Mental Illness Walks Away From State Hospital; Notify Police if Seen NR12071kr

02/08/12 - $50,000 Reward Being Offered In Connection with Murder Investigation

02/08/12 - Lights On in Wilmington

02/07/12 - Traffic Collision Kills Three Siblings NR12069kr

02/07/12 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoints

02/06/12 - Janitor Arrested for Lewd Acts on a Child NR12067cj

02/06/12 - Civil Court Judgment Awarded to Sexual Assault Victim NR12068cj

02/06/12 - Man Shot to Death in Sun Valley NR12066gb

02/06/12 - News Conference Regarding Arrest of Child Molest Suspect NR12026cj

02/05/12 - LAPD Police Department Targets Impaired Drivers with Checkpoint

02/05/12 - Weekend DUI Checkpoint Planned in Los Angeles

02/05/12 - Man’s Body found in Trash Bin NR12063kr

02/05/12 - Unidentified Murder Victim Found in Wash NR12064kr

02/04/12 - Two Suspects Entered a Home and took Two Vintage Motorcycles NR12062rh

02/03/12 - Valley Traffic Division Sobriety and Driver’s License Checkpoint

02/02/12 - Civic Center Slapper Strikes Again NR12061pv

02/01/12 - Missing Woman, Brittany Davis NR120560kr

02/01/12 - Detectives Seeking Help to Identify Robbery Suspect NR12058cj

02/01/12 - Burglary Suspect Shot by Homeowner NR12059kr

02/01/12 - Homicide Suspects Sought in Brutal Murder NR12055mjf

02/01/12 - Hollywood Date-Rape Suspect Arrested--Any Additional Victims Encouraged to Come Forward NR12057rf

02/01/12 - LAPD Statement Regarding Lincoln Heights Murder NR12053mjf

02/01/12 - LAPD Chief Charlie Beck Holds Monthly Media Availability NA12022mjf

02/01/12 - LAPD to Combat Traffic Deaths and Injuries with Special Program NR12054kr

02/01/12 - Super Bowl XLVI Designated Drivers; Driving Drunk Will Penalize Your Super Bowl Plans NR12056gb