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February 2013

02/28/13 - DEA/LAPD Conduct Massive West Coast Oxycontin Sweep NR 13061na

02/28/13 - Officer Rescues Woman from Burning Tent NR13060rf

02/27/13 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrols NA13032bb

02/27/13 - Commanding Officer of Professional Standards Bureau to Explain Board of Rights and Disciplinary Process of Rights Process NA13031SF

02/27/13 - Sunshine Kids Program Helping Children in Hopes of a Brighter Future NA13033kh

02/26/13 - Robbery Suspects Caught on Tape NR13059cn

02/26/13 - 54-year-old Missing Woman NR13057cj

02/26/13 - Officer-Involved Shooting in North Hollywood NR13058cj

02/26/13 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrols NA13032bb

02/26/13 - Commercial Burglary Suspects Wanted NR13056cj

02/25/13 - Daycare Employee Arrested for Lewd Acts on Young Children NR13055cj

02/22/13 - Detectives Look for Additional Victims of Child Care Worker Who Preyed on Young Children NA13030SF

02/21/13 - 86-Year-Old Missing Woman NR13054cj

02/21/13 - Good Samaritan Saves Life NR13053am

02/21/13 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints NA13029AM

02/19/13 - 17-Year-Old Succumbs to His Injuries NR13052df

02/18/13 - LAPD Press Conference-Update on Christopher Jordan Dorner Case

02/18/13 - Detectives Return Champ’s Belts, Taken in Burglary NR13051pv

02/18/13 - Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Offers Statement on Reward Money NR13047cj

02/18/13 - 3-Year-Old Passenger Injured by Hit-and-Run Driver

02/18/13 - Young Man Shot to Death in the Highland Park Community NR13049cj

02/14/13 - Requests for Interviews with LAPD Personnel Involved with the Dorner Case NA13026an

02/14/13 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints NA13023rh

02/14/13 - 67-year-old Missing Woman NR13046cn

02/13/13 - Burglary Suspect Bitten by LAPD Canine NR13043am

02/12/13 - 72-Year-Old Missing Man NR13044df

02/11/13 - Members of the Public are Asked to Call a Non-emergency Tip-Line with Clues to Capture Dorner, Media Inquiries Can be Directed to the Newly Formed JIC NR13041SF

02/10/13 - Reward Offered for Information Leading to the Arrest and Conviction of Christopher Dorner NA13024SF

02/09/13 - Chief Charlie Beck’s Statement on Christopher Jordan Dorner NR13340SF

02/09/13 - Dorner Joint Task Force NR13039rh

02/07/13 - LAPD Officer Wounded by Suspect in Riverside NR13038an

02/07/13 - Officer-Involved Shooting in Torrance NR13037ne

02/07/13 - Child Abduction Regional Emergency (C.A.R.E.) Alert Father wanted for Violation of Court Order NR13035am

02/06/13 - Detectives Looking for Missing Canadian Woman Young Woman’s Disappearance from Downtown Hotel is Suspicious NR13034rf

02/06/13 - Hit-and-Run Drivers Leave Pedestrian Dead $50,000 Reward Offered NR13023cj

02/06/13 - DWP Telephone Customer Scam NR13032df

02/06/13 - LAPD Statement on Former Officer Wanted in Double Homicide NR12037

02/06/13 - Detectives Reach Out to Find Missing Canadian Citizen NA13022rf

02/06/13 - DWP Telephone Customer Scam NA13021df

02/05/13 - Valley Traffic Division Officers to Demonstrate New Handheld Laser Devices During Speed Enforcement Operation NA13018AM

02/05/13 - Officer-Involved Shooting in South Los Angeles NR13032df

02/05/13 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints NA13020AM

02/04/13 - Middle School Teacher Arrested NR13031bb

02/04/13 - 28-year-old Man Stabbed to Death in North Hollywood NR13030SF

02/02/13 - Motorist Killed by Hit-and-Run Driver NR13029am

02/01/13 - LAPD vs. Drunk Drivers Super Bowl Weekend Sobriety Enforcement NA13018bb

02/01/13 - Marijuana and Weapons Seized During Warrant Service NR13028bb