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February 2014

02/26/14 - Church Vandalism Suspect Sought NR14087rf

02/26/14 - 40-year-old Man Shot and Killed NR14080wr

02/26/14 - LAPD Academy Graduation NA14012rf

02/26/14 - Hollywood Burglary Suspect Sought NR14088bb

02/26/14 - Missing 13-Year-Old Boy NR14086rf

02/25/14 - Dead Man Found in Burning Car NR14083pv

02/25/14 - Arrests Made Against Suspects Involved in Two Separate Homicides NR14082wr

02/25/14 - 18-year-old Young Man is Critically Injured after a Stabbing NR14081rh

02/25/14 - $50,000 Reward Offered NA14023wr

02/25/14 - 77-Year-Old Critical Missing Man NR14085bb

02/25/14 - 74-Year-Old Critical Missing Man NR14084an

02/25/14 - 74-Year-Old Critical Missing Man NR14084an

02/25/14 - Detectives Need the Public’s Help to Identify Robbery Suspects NR14078SF

02/24/14 - A Fatal Traffic Accident in West Los Angeles NR14077rh

02/24/14 - 81-Year-old Woman Visiting from Korea is Missing NR14079SF

02/24/14 - Unveiling of LAPD Olympic Area’s Little Free Library NA14026rh

02/23/14 - LAPD Detectives Seek The Public’s Assistance to Help Solve Homicide NA14025sm

02/22/14 - Pedestrian Hit by Two Vehicles Dies at Scene NR14076sm

02/21/14 - Sexual Assault Suspect Arrested NR14075rh

02/21/14 - A Day without Crime NR14074wr

02/21/14 - Educational Forums Regarding Immigration Fraud NA14024rh

02/20/14 - Implementation of Devonshire Area’s Smart Policing Initiative Recidivist Extraction Detail NA14021ne

02/20/14 - 77th Detectives Investigating Kidnap/Sexual Assault Allegation NR14073ne

02/20/14 - Composite Released of Sexual Predator NR14072pv

02/20/14 - Devonshire Area Memorial Service NA14020rf

02/20/14 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrols NA14022ne

02/20/14 - Injured Man in Playa Del Rey Arrested for Multiple Charges NR14071rh

02/19/14 - Detectives Investigate the Murder of an 82-year-old man NR14070wr

02/18/14 - 32-Year-Old Man Injured By Hit-And-Run Driver NR14067rh

02/18/14 - Suspect Arrested for Hit-And-Run Traffic Collision NR14069SF

02/15/14 - 23-Year-Old Critical Missing Woman NR14065bb

02/14/14 - Street Race Severely Injures Motorcyclist NR14064rf

02/14/14 - Gruesome Hit-and-Run Collision Kills Pedestrian on Riverside Drive NR14063rf

02/13/14 - Murder Suspect Arrested in Chicago NR14057wr

02/13/14 - Sexual Assault Suspect Arrested Investigators Seeking Possible Additional Victims NR14061bb

02/12/14 - 47-Year-Old Man Missing NR14056bb

02/12/14 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrols NA14019rf

02/11/14 - Man was Shot and Killed in the Van Nuys Area NR14054rh

02/11/14 - 56-Year-Old Man Inside Boom Lift Basket Dies after Being Struck by Bus NR14055wr

02/07/14 - Newton Detectives Conclude Kidnapping Investigation Deemed ‘Unfounded’

02/07/14 - 34-Year-Old Man Shot to Death in South Los Angeles NR14052sm

02/07/14 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrols

02/07/14 - 19-Year-Old Pedestrian Killed by Hit-and-Run Driver NR14047wr

02/07/14 - Suspect Arrested for Animal Cruelty Against “Indy” the Dog NR14053sm

02/07/14 - LAPD Helps Establish First Girl Scout Troop in Watts Department’s Program Makes a Difference in Lives of Inner-City Youth NR14038rf

02/06/14 - Victim Severely Injured by Hit-and-Run Driver Traffic Detectives Seek Leads through Public Assistance NR14048rf

02/06/14 - Detectives Searching for Identity of Good Samaritan NR14050PV

02/05/14 - Bank Robbery Suspect Caught on Tape NR14045bb-rf

02/05/14 - 20-Year-Old Woman and Daughter Missing NR14049rh

02/05/14 - Pipe Bomb Blows Up Near Vehicle NR14046rh

02/05/14 - Slow Down and Watch Out for Pedestrians! NA14017rh

02/05/14 - 54-Year-Old Man is Critically Injured by Hit-and-Run Driver NR14043wr

02/05/14 - Shooting Leaves One Man Dead NR14040sm

02/04/14 - Police Commission President Steve Soboroff's Comments on The Adjudication Of Two Officer Involved Shootings Which Occurred on February 7, 2013

02/04/14 - Man Enters City Hall Undetected NR14042rh

02/04/14 - Man Hangs onto Life after Shooting over Money NR14041pv

02/04/14 - Chief Beck Media Availability One-Year Anniversary of Dorner Incident

02/04/14 - First-Ever Girl Scout Troop in Watts Holds Meeting at Local School Establishment of Troop is a Partnership between LAPD and City’s Housing Authority NA14015rf

02/04/14 - Burglary Suspects Sought in the West Los Angeles Area NR14044rh