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February 2016

02/26/16 - 13-Year-Old Missing Boy NR16072

02/26/16 - 12-Year-Old Missing Girl NR16071TI

02/26/16 - LAPD introduces Obtaining a Traffic Collision Report Online NR16067TI

02/26/16 - 76-Year-Old Missing Woman NR16068mjl

02/26/16 - Son Arrested for Attempt Murder of his Mother NR16069TI

02/26/16 - Off-Duty Officer Exchanges Gunfire after Witnessing Drive-by Shooting

02/25/16 - Chief Beck Hosting “Annual Crime Fighter’s Conference” and the Violence Reduction Network NR16065jj

02/24/16 - Education and Enforcement at Dangerous Intersections in Olympic Area NA16036aj

02/24/16 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrol NA16035aj

02/23/16 - Missing 35-Year-Old Man NR16063mjl

02/23/16 - Fatal shooting leads to death in Koreatown NR16064TI

02/23/16 - 88-Year-Old Missing Man NR16062ml

02/23/16 - LAPD Invites the Media to Experience a Force Investigation Division Investigation NA16034ma

02/23/16 - Fatal Hit and Run with Pedestrian NR16060aj

02/22/16 - LAPD Invites Jewish Community to Become Reserve Officers NA16029lp

02/22/16 - Southeast Community Officers Arrest Suspects in Compton after Shooting in South L.A. NR16059rh

02/22/16 - Man stabbed in Northeast Area NR16061rh

02/21/16 - Safe Moves to Demonstrate Bicycle Helmet Effectiveness NA16033ml

02/19/16 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrol

02/19/16 - Unveiling of LAPD West Los Angeles Community Police Station Little Free Library NA16031ne

02/19/16 - Hollenbeck Sponsor A Day of Dialogue

02/19/16 - Man Stabbed to Death NR16056jk

02/19/16 - Selfie Suspect Identified, Stolen Property Returned NR16058pv

02/19/16 - Unveiling of LAPD West Los Angeles Community Police Station Little Free Library

02/18/16 - Do You Know these Selfie Subjects? NR16057pv

02/17/16 - LAPD Officers Charged with Sexual Assault

02/17/16 - 75-Year-Old Missing Man NR16053TI

02/17/16 - Statement of the Los Angeles Police Department on Arrest of Two LAPD Officers Charged with Sexual Assault NR16054ma

02/17/16 - 20-Year-Old Missing Female NR16055TI

02/17/16 - Sherwood Forest Attempt Rape Suspect Wanted NA16026TI

02/17/16 - LAPD Recruit Graduation NA16028ma

02/16/16 - Suspect after Stabbing Victim Lunges at Responding Officer Resulting in an Officer-Involved Shooting NRF010-16jj

02/16/16 - Tip-a-Cop

02/16/16 - Walk a Cop to School NA16025ne

02/15/16 - Fatal Hit and Run with Pedestrian NR16048aj

02/15/16 - Man Found Stabbed to Death in North Hollywood NR16050rh

02/15/16 - Hit and Run of Pedestrian in Canoga Park NR16049aj

02/15/16 - Fatal Hit and Run with Pedestrian NR16047DM

02/15/16 - Sexual Assault Suspect Sought NR16052mjl

02/12/16 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints NA16024AJ

02/12/16 - 21-Year-Old Missing Woman NR16045AJ

02/11/16 - Missing 38-Year-Old Male NR16043mjl

02/11/16 - Man Stabbed to Death NR16044jk

02/11/16 - Car Theft Suspect Points Sawed-Off Shotgun at Officer NRF009-16ma

02/11/16 - Westwood Village Robbery Suspect Arrested NA16020aj

02/11/16 - Suspect Murders One Man and Leaves Second Man in Critical Condition NR16041TI

02/11/16 - 64-Year-Old Critical Missing Woman NR16042lp

02/10/16 - Traffic Advisory for Presidential Visit NA16021DM

02/09/16 - Just Say No Pledge Contest Winners Announced NA16019ml

02/09/16 - Fatal shooting leads to deaths in Boyle Heights NR16037TI

02/09/16 - Gateway to L.A. and LAPD Partner to Provide Active Shooter Training to Local Employees and Security Staff NR16040TI

02/09/16 - Mail Theft Burglary Suspect wanted in Koreatown NR16039TI

02/08/16 - 21-Year-Old Critical Missing Man NR16038DM

02/06/16 - Fatal Hit and Run with Motorcyclist NR16036dm

02/05/16 - Game Plan for Super Bowl Sunday: Are You Drinking or Driving? Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk NA16018TI

02/05/16 - Armed Suspect Threatens Metropolitan Division Officer with Handgun NRF008-16ma

02/05/16 - “Tribute to Fallen LAPD SWAT Officer Randy Simmons and Community Collaboration & Clean-up”

02/04/16 - 54-Year-Old Missing Man NR16035mjl

02/04/16 - Double Homicide Investigation Update NA1600lp

02/04/16 - 54-Year-Old Missing Woman NR16032mjl

02/04/16 - Venice Man Shot and Killed NR16027ne

02/04/16 - 27-Year-Old Missing Woman NR16034dm

02/03/16 - Mail Theft Burglary Suspects wanted in Studio City NR16031TI

02/02/16 - Grand Theft Suspect Who Posed as Catholic Priest NR16030ml

02/02/16 - 48-Year-Old Missing Man NR16029TI

02/01/16 - $50,000 Reward Offered for Hit and Run Suspect NA16015dm