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The LAPD: Chief Parks

On August 22, 1997, Deputy Chief Bernard C. Parks was officially sworn in as the 52nd Chief of Police of the Los Angeles Police Department before an estimated crowd of 3,000 in ceremonies at the Los Angeles Police Academy. The Chief was joined at the change of command ceremony by Mayor Richard Riordan, the Board of Police Commissioners and other city, state, and national dignitaries.

Chief Parks’ career has been one marked by a commitment to protect and serve the Los Angeles community, a commitment he has undertaken with integrity and boundless enthusiasm. He is a man of vision for the future of the Department and is dedicated to making the City of the Angels a safe and crime free place in which to work and play.

Since his appointment by the Board of Police Commissioners, Chief Parks has begun to make his mark on the organization. One of his first actions was a reorganization of the Department, designed to flatten the hierarchical chain of command and to consolidate similar or related functions. He also initiated FASTRAC, an acronym for Focus, Accountability, Strategy, Teamwork, Response and Coordination. This program is a process for full command accountability in every aspect of leadership in the Department. FASTRAC denotes Chief Parks’ forward movement to what he refers to as the "new" LAPD.

His plans for 1998 and the future will ultimately change the LAPD to bring improved quality police service to all the residents of Los Angeles and a leaner, more organized Department to be consistent with his vision for institutionalizing Community Policing.

In May 2002, Chief Martin H. Pomeroy was selected as the Los Angeles Police Department’s Temporary Chief of Police. Throughout his career, he held community policing, problem solving and quality of life issues as priorities in his approach to law enforcement. He demonstrated a strong track record of establishing goals and executing strategies to achieve enhanced service to the community. He moved through the ranks of leadership, achieving the rank of Deputy Chief in 1993, and served the Department at that rank until his retirement in December 2000. Martin H. Pomeroy served as Chief of Police of the LAPD from May 7, 2002 until October 26, 2002.

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