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January 2012

01/31/12 - $50,000 Reward Being Offered in a 1980 Unsolved Murder Investigation NR12052kr

01/30/12 - LAPD vs. Drunk Driver’s Super Bowl XLVI Weekend

01/30/12 - Devonshire Area Detectives Close Down Last of Medical Marijuana Storefronts NR12050kr

01/30/12 - Missing Juvenile-Alfonso Mendez NR12051k

01/30/12 - Super Bowl Sunday DUI Prevention “Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk” NR12049kr

01/30/12 - Last Medical Marijuana Storefront in Devonshire Area, Shut Down NA12021kr

01/27/12 - LAPD Detective Arrested for Grand Theft NR12046ajs

01/25/12 - Man Murdered Walking in the Crosswalk NR12043lp

01/25/12 - Man was Gunned down on Front Porch NR12042rh

01/25/12 - Missing Person Janet Dominguez NR12045LP

01/25/12 - LAPD Academy Graduation

01/25/12 - Central Bureau Traffic Task Force

01/25/12 - Brazen Home Invasion Robbery Suspects Sought NR12041kr

01/25/12 - Woman & Bystanders Foil Robbery, 2 Suspects Arrested in Downtown NR12044pv

01/24/12 - Search for Weapon used in Murder of Francisco Rodriguez

01/24/12 - $50,000 Reward Offered in Murder Investigation

01/24/12 - Man Threatens Family, Police, with Handgun NR12039kr

01/23/12 - Man Shot to Death in Wilmington NR12038cj

01/23/12 - Military Exercises to be Conducted in the Downtown Area NR12040kr

01/23/12 - 78-year-old Man in Need of Medical Attention is Missing NR12035SF

01/23/12 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoint and DUI Saturation Patrol

01/23/12 - Missing Person Sultan Adel Aldossary NR12037LP

01/23/12 - Man Murdered While Standing on the Sidewalk NR12036lp

01/20/12 - Officer-Involved Shooting Occurs as Man Exits Car and Points Gun at Officers

01/20/12 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoint and DUI Saturation Patrol NA12016kr

01/20/12 - Civic Center Battery Suspect Wanted, Identified NR12034pv

01/19/12 - $50,000 Reward Being Offered in Murder Investigation NR12028bb

01/19/12 - Robbery Series Targets Fast Food Restaurants NA12015rf

01/19/12 - Arizona Minor Suspected in Double Murder, Arrested in Skidrow NR12030pv

01/18/12 - Robbery Committed Inside a Bus NR12027rh

01/18/12 - $50,000 Reward Offered in Murder Investigation

01/17/12 - Business Owner Arrested at LAX NR12025bb

01/17/12 - Topanga Area Announce Arrest

01/16/12 - Teenager Murdered at a Local Business NR012023LP

01/16/12 - Man Hit from Behind by Hit and Run Driver NR12024kr

01/16/12 - Rampart Officers Rescue 90-year-old Woman from Burning Home NR12022SF

01/16/12 - Martin Luther King Jr. Annual Breakfast Celebration NR12021rf

01/13/12 - Third Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast Celebration NA12011rf

01/12/12 - Brutal Beating and Robbery of Teenage Girl Captured on Surveillance Camera NR12017SF

01/12/12 - LAPD Sergeant arrested for Workers’ Compensation Fraud NR12018AN

01/12/12 - High School Soccer Player Killed in Winnetka, Detectives Need the Public’s Help to Identify the Suspect(s) NR12016SF

01/12/12 - Gang Reduction Statistics News Conference

01/12/12 - Public Art Project to End Rape in Los Angeles NR12020bb

01/12/12 - Man Murdered While Waiting at a Bus Stop NR12019lp

01/11/12 - Motorcycle Safety Enforcement Operation NA12009kr

01/11/12 - LAPD’s Metropolitan Division K-9 Unit to Receive a $10,000 Donation for New Police Service Dog NA120l0lp

01/10/12 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoint and DUI Saturation Patrols

01/10/12 - LAPD Academy Graduation NA11278rf

01/09/12 - Robbery Suspects Shoot and Kill a Good Samaritan NR12015lp

01/07/12 - Man Points his Gun at Officers Officer-Involved Shooting Occurs NR12014cj

01/06/12 - Suspect Lunges at Officers with a Knife Officer-Involved Shooting Occurs NR12009rf

01/06/12 - News Conference & Enforcement Operation – Return to School Safety Tips

01/06/12 - Suspect on Street Points Gun at Officers during Foot Pursuit Officer-Involved Shooting Occurs NR12012mjf

01/06/12 - Suspect on Street Points Gun at Officers as They Drive By Officer-Involved Shooting Occurs NR12011rf

01/06/12 - Suspect Threatened Police Officers with a Shotgun Resulting in O.I.S. NR12010mjf

01/06/12 - Chief Beck and Councilmember Wesson Celebrate the 5th Season of “Project SAVE’s Late Nite Hoops” Basketball League NA12005SF

01/05/12 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoint and DUI Saturation Patrols

01/05/12 - Missing Person Houston Woods NR12008lp

01/05/12 - Mayor Villaraigosa and Chief Beck Announce the 2011 End of Year Crime Statistics

01/04/12 - Multi-Victim Shooting Suspects Identified NR12006gb

01/04/12 - Westside Shooting Leaves One Dead And Another Injured NR12007lp

01/03/12 - A DUI Driver Causes Two Collisions, and One Death NR12005lp

01/03/12 - Missing Person Brandon Thomas Olterman NR12003SF

01/03/12 - 22-year-old Missing Woman NR11601bb

01/02/12 - Officers from LAPD’s Foothill Division Search for Missing Woman NR11603rh

01/02/12 - Hollywood Arson Fires Briefing

01/01/12 - Joint Arson Task Force Needs the Public's Help to Identify a Person of Interest NR12002SF