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January 2014

01/31/14 - 20-Year-Old Missing Man NR14038bb

01/31/14 - The Public’s Help is Needed to Locate a 72-year-old Man Who Has Been Missing Since 2007 NR140

01/30/14 - Valet Permits in Los Angeles MANDATORY this Saturday, February 1, 2014

01/29/14 - Plan Ahead for Super Bowl Sunday Celebrate the Big Game with These Safety Tips from the Los Angeles Police Department

01/29/14 - Police Seek More Victims after Suspect Arrested for Staging Traffic Collisions NR14036SF

01/29/14 - Wilshire Area Incidents of Stolen and Burglarized Vehicles NR14027rf

01/28/14 - The Public’s Help is Needed to Locate a 56-year-old Woman Who Walked Away from Care Facility NR14032SF

01/27/14 - Photographer Wanted in Child Molestation NR14031pv

01/27/14 - Los Angeles Police Foundation Equips LAPD with Life-Saving Trauma Kits NR14033AN

01/24/14 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrols

01/23/14 - State of the Valley Public Safety Town Hall Meeting NA14011wr

01/23/14 - $50,000 Reward Offered NA14009rh

01/23/14 - LAPD Academy Graduation NA14012rf

01/23/14 - Officer Involved Shooting in Newton NR14029ne

01/22/14 - Officer Involved Shooting in 77th Area NR14028ne

01/22/14 - 74-Year-Old Missing Man NR14024SF

01/20/14 - 25-Year-Old Man Fatally Shot in Boyle Heights NR14023gb

01/20/14 - Burglary Suspect Caught On Video NR14020sm

01/18/14 - Sexual Assault Arrest Involving a Retired NFL Player NR14021sm

01/17/14 - Fifth Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast Celebration NA14008rf

01/16/14 - Man Shot and Killed in Pico-Hoover Area NR14016rh

01/15/14 - Increase of Video Evidence in Animal Cruelty Cases NR14018rh

01/15/14 - Tattooed Prowler in Mission Hills NR14017pv

01/15/14 - Man Points Gun at Officers NR13497ne

01/15/14 - LAPD Body Camera Testing – Media Availability NA14007an

01/15/14 - 24-Year-Old Man Fatally Injured by Hit and Run Driver NR14019gb

01/14/14 - Unveiling of LAPD Pacific Area’s Little Free Library NA14005bb

01/13/14 - 63-Year-Old Missing Man NR14015ne

01/13/14 - Stolen Work Vans/Equipment Targeted in the Wilshire Area NR14005ne

01/13/14 - $50,000 Reward Offered NA14004rh

01/10/14 - Domestic Violence Leaves Two Dead in the Valley NR14014gb

01/10/14 - Officer Involved Shooting in Hollenbeck NR14008ne

01/09/14 - Enforcement and Railroad Traffic Safety Tips News Conference NA14003gb

01/09/14 - 22-Year-Old Man Shot and Killed in Van Nuys NR14007gb

01/09/14 - The Suspect Seen on Video Beating a Man with a Folding Chair is Arrested NR14013SF

01/09/14 - 48-Year-Old Missing Man NR14012bb

01/08/14 - 70-Year-Old Missing Man NR14006rh

01/08/14 - Mayor Garcetti and Chief Beck Announce the 2013 End of Year Crime Statistics NA14002WR

01/08/14 - Apartment Burglarized in West Los Angeles NR14009rh

01/07/14 - Unsolved Homicide Results in $50K Reward NR14004sm

01/07/14 - Homicide Reward Offered NA13240sm

01/03/14 - 72-Year-Old Man Missing 13550SF

01/03/14 - 65-Year-Old Man Missing NR13551ne

01/03/14 - A Fatal Union Pacific Railroad Collision Leaves One Man Dead NR14002rh

01/03/14 - 23-Year-Old Young Man Killed by Hit-and-Run Driver NR14001rh

01/03/14 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrols