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June 2013

06/28/13 - Officer-Involved Shooting Occurs with Suspect Hiding in Attic One Officer Seriously Injured by Suspect’s Gunfire NR13219rf

06/28/13 - Officers Ambushed at the Gates of Wilshire Station Officer-Involved Shooting (OIS) Ensued NR13220bb

06/28/13 - Mayor Villaraigosa and Chief Beck Announce the 2013 Mid-Year Statistics NA13107rl

06/27/13 - Mayor Villaraigosa and Chief Beck Announce the 2013 Mid-Year Statistics NA13107rl

06/27/13 - LAPD Officer to Receive Prestigious American Legion State Law Officer of the Year Award NA13111cj

06/27/13 - 4th Annual LAPD & LAFD Safe Summer Tip-Off Basketball Game and Youth Safety Festival Actor and Comedian Arsenio Hall, to serve as Master of Ceremonies NA13109SF

06/27/13 - Attacker Series $100,000 Reward NA13090h

06/26/13 - Chief Beck Holds Media Availability to Discuss Recent Officer-Involved Shootings NA13110rf

06/26/13 - 48-Year-Old Critical Missing Man NR13211st

06/26/13 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints NA13108bb

06/24/13 - Hollywood Area Terrorism Awareness Symposium NR13104cj

06/22/13 - Man Dies in Solo Traffic Collision NR13210rh

06/21/13 - Los Angeles Police Department Statement on the Release of the Christopher Dorner Review NR 13208as

06/21/13 - 78-Year-Old Critical Missing Woman NR13209cj

06/20/13 - 2013 Anti-Fireworks Campaign NA13105rh

06/20/13 - Checkpoints Placed for Impaired Drivers NA13096rh

06/20/13 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints NA13104bb

06/19/13 - Two Arrested in South L.A. Homicide NR13207cj

06/19/13 - Dispute Leads to Murder NR13205cj

06/19/13 - LAPD Knock-Knock Task Force Issues Final Notice for Online Viewing and Identification of Stolen Items NR13204cn

06/18/13 - Detectives Release Photographs and Video of Suspects Wanted for Assaulting Transgender Woman NA13103df

06/18/13 - Detectives Release Photos and Video of Suspects Wanted for Assaulting Transgender Woman NR13203rf

06/17/13 - “Battle at the Academy” Charity Boxing Event NA13102an

06/17/13 - West Hills Resident Murdered Outside Her Home NR13202df

06/17/13 - Dedication Ceremony for Fallen Officer Mario Navidad NA13101cj

06/17/13 - LAPD Counter Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau (CTSOB) Open House NA13100rl

06/13/13 - Traffic Collision Kills MTA Bus Driver; Tow Truck Driver in Grave Condition NR13200cj

06/12/13 - 19-year-old Missing NR13199cj

06/12/13 - Man Dies after Being Stabbed NR13197cn

06/12/13 - 81-Year-Old Critical Missing Man NR13198cj

06/12/13 - LAPD Cadet Graduating Class Numbers Five Hundred Strong NA13098SF

06/12/13 - 74-Year-Old Critical Missing Man NR13196cn

06/12/13 - Driver Arrested After Fatal Hit-and-Run NR13195df

06/11/13 - Taekwondo Belt Rank Testing for LAPD Mission Area Youth Program NA13099cj

06/10/13 - Homicide in Harbor Area NR13192cj

06/10/13 - 13-Year-Old Critical Missing NR13193df

06/10/13 - Chief Beck to Recognize “Preparing Parents Foundation” Director NR13194an

06/06/13 - President of the United States Visit NA13095an

06/06/13 - Armed Robbery Suspect in the Harbor Area NR13191rh

06/06/13 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints NA13094df

06/06/13 - 81-Year-Old Critical Missing Man NR13190cn

06/06/13 - 20-Year-Old Woman Missing NR13189rh

06/05/13 - LAPD Honoring the World Special Olympic Games NA13093df

06/05/13 - 62-year-old Man Dies as a Result of Hit-and- Run NR13187st

06/05/13 - Counter Terrorism Capabilities Demonstrations NA13086rl

06/04/13 - Officer Involved Shooting - Foothill Area NR13186sp

06/04/13 - LAPD Statement Regarding Dorner Review NR13188an

06/03/13 - 77th Street Area Shootings and Violence June 2013 NA13092sp

06/01/13 - Explorer and Filmmaker James Cameron to Launch DeepSea Challenger on Cross-Country Journey from California Science Center June 1 NA13091rh