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Monday, June 10, 2013

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Chief Beck to Recognize “Preparing Parents Foundation” Director NR13194an

Los Angeles:  Chief Charlie Beck to recognize the exceptional community work of Adrienne Mack during Police Commission meeting on Tuesday.

On June 11, 2013, at 9:00 a.m., Chief of Police Charlie Beck will publicly recognize the Director of Preparing Parents Foundation, Adrienne Mack for her extraordinary efforts in making our community safer for children.  Mack who is very passionate about parenting and child advocacy has been integrally involved in developing and improving child safety for children.

In early 2010, Mack joined efforts with the LAPD South Traffic Division officers, who provided instruction at one of her parenting workshops on “Car Seat Safety”.  The workshop helped to increase awareness and educate parents on the importance of proper child seat installation.  The workshops are provided to the public free of charge and families receive vital information as well as a brand new car seat free of charge!  That was the beginning of a great relationship with LAPD which is stronger even today.

In May of 2010, Adrienne discovered that when police officers are required to take infants into their custody, the police stations were not equipped with infant supplies.  As a result, this required officers to purchase supplies at their own expense in order to properly care for the infants.  This was unacceptable to Adrienne, and thus she set out to remedy the situation and provide a solution to the problem.  Her solution was quick in hand, and soon the “Baby Station” Temporary Diaper Bag Program was born.  Adrienne created diaper bags complete with all the supplies an infant might need while in the temporary custody of the police officers.

In 2011, Mack became aware that the so-called “Soft Rooms” utilized by officers to interact with children during police interviews, were not “Child Friendly”.  Once again Adrienne jumped into action and initiated the Soft Room Makeovers.  These makeovers included: new child friendly murals, books, toys and furnishings to help comfort children during their interactions with police investigators.  The Mural Makeovers have been completed in four stations thus far and there including: 77th Street Division, Southwest Division, Hollywood Division, and Newton Division.

“The success of the Los Angeles Police Department is largely due to members of the public who commit their time and energy to their communities” said Chief Charlie Beck.  “Adrienne Mack is truly one of those special individuals who have committed herself to make our community a better place”.  Adrienne Mack embodies one of the LAPD core values, “Service to Our Communities.”  “The impact of her hard work will forever remain engrained in the hearts of the citizens of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Police Department”, Beck concluded.