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John Neuman, Police Administrator

John Neuman

Police Administrator

Police Administrator John
is the Commanding Officer of the Los Angele Police
Department's COMPSTAT Division. Mr. Neuman joined the City of Los
Angeles in 1994 where he worked at several different Departments,
before being hired by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) in
1997, where he has worked ever since.

Mr. Neuman's first assignment with the LAPD in 1997 as the Officer
in Charge of the Crime Analysis Detail at the West Los Angeles Area
(when the Department first started placing a much bigger emphasis
on Crime Analysis) gave him a good understanding of how statistics
and directed patrol can assist in the efforts to reduce crime and
the fear of crime. In 1998, he transferred to the Department's
Crime Analysis Section, where he worked in a number of capacities
over the years analyzing crime on a citywide basis.

In 2005 to 2008 he was the Department's primary lead working with
Redlands based ESRI on the design of the Department's Crime
Analysis Mapping System (CAMS), which was successfully deployed in
2008 and has served the Department well ever since. In 2014, the
Data Integrity Unit (DIU) was established under his command. The
DIU is tasked with training and inspections to ensure that the
Department is properly classifying their crimes, in accordance with
the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) guidelines.

Over the years Mr. Neuman has worked on a number of different
initiatives, including but not limited to Palantir, Omega
Dashboard, Predictive Policing, LASER, etc. All of which have
helped to shape the Department's Crime Analysis and Compstat
related efforts. The COMPSTAT process is the Department's
management accountability system that provides for the inspection
of Area and Divisional commands and focusses on the following 4
principles: Timely and Accurate Intelligence; Effective Tactics;
Rapid Deployment and Relentless Follow-up and Assessment

Mr. Neuman has met with representatives of most of the other City
Department's over the years to discuss the challenges of developing
their own management accountability inspection process. In 2012 and
2013, he worked directly with the Los Angeles Fire Department to
create their own FireStat program, which was modeled after

Mr. Neuman graduated from California State University at Northridge
(CSUN) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration
and an option in Organizational Systems Management. It was during
his courses at CSUN that he became interested in statistics and
statistical theory. Additionally, he has graduated from the
Department's Command Officer Development program.

Mr. Neuman was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, where he
continues to live with his wife. He enjoys the outdoors, hiking,
motorcycling and spending time with family and friends.