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March 2012

03/30/12 - North Hollywood Detectives Seek Other Possible Victims of Violent Personal Trainer NA12066SF

03/30/12 - Man Arrested for Hate Crime and Assault NR12150kr

03/29/12 - Ramona Gardens Giveaway NA12065kr

03/28/12 - Man Shot to Death in Cypress Park NR12148gb

03/28/12 - César E. Chávez Luncheon Celebration NR12149wr

03/28/12 - Armed Man Threatens Own Family, and Officers NR12147kr

03/28/12 - Third Annual César E. Chávez Luncheon Celebration NA12064wr

03/28/12 - Street Fight in front of Downtown Nightclubs Results in Murder $50,000 Reward Offered in Connection with Case NR12146rf

03/23/12 - Stand Up and Speak Out Against Bullying

03/23/12 - Man Found Murdered in Medical Facility Basement NR12144SF

03/23/12 - Police Commissioner Alan Skobin is Nominated to Position as Fire Commissioner NR12141mjf

03/23/12 - Violent Armed Robbery Suspect NR12140kr

03/22/12 - LAPD responds to Giovanni Ramirez Press Conference NR12137ajs

03/22/12 - Man Murdered Inside of His Vehicle NR12139wr

03/21/12 - Two Large-Breed Dog Heads Found in Dumpster NR12134ne

03/21/12 - Woman Found Dead in Park NR12132kr

03/21/12 - Catering Truck Involved in Fatal Traffic Collision NR12133kr

03/21/12 - Pedestrian Crosswalk Safety and Enforcement Operation

03/21/12 - 19-Year-Old Missing Woman NR12130gb

03/21/12 - Los Angeles Police Department Targets Impaired Drivers with Checkpoint

03/21/12 - Money, Marijuana, and a Handgun Seized During Warrant Service NR12136kr

03/21/12 - Don’t Be A Statistic - Sober Graduation

03/21/12 - Robbery Committed with Handgun and Facsimile Explosive Device NR12135kr

03/20/12 - Parolee in Custody for Hot Prowl Burglaries Ankle Monitoring Device Leads Directly to Him NR12128kr

03/20/12 - Encino Little League Shed Burglarized $7000 in Equipment Taken NR12129kr

03/19/12 - Encino Little League Field Equipment Taken in Burglary

03/19/12 - North Hollywood Detectives Investigate Shooting at Sportsmen’s Lodge; Looking for Two Endangered Missing Children NR12127cj

03/17/12 - Police Seek Witnesses to Fatal Hit and Run NR12126bb

03/16/12 - Don’t Rely on Luck This St. Patrick’s Day, Plan for a Safe Ride Home NR12124rh

03/16/12 - The Black Hooded Note Bandit NR12123rh

03/16/12 - Man Arrested for Murder of Missing Woman NR12125mjf

03/16/12 - California Public-Safety Radio Association (CPRA) Banquet

03/15/12 - Program Advisor Stabbed to Death NR12120ne

03/15/12 - Police Seek Witnesses to Fatal Train Traffic Collision NR12122gb

03/15/12 - Kidnap Suspect Being Sought

03/14/12 - LAPD Police Department Targets Impaired Drivers with Checkpoint

03/14/12 - Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk This Saint Patrick’s Day NA12053rh

03/14/12 - LAPD Honored for Taking Lead in Autism Awareness Training Acknowledgement Comes from Autism Society of Los Angeles NA12052rf

03/14/12 - LAPD Sergeant Arrested for Making Criminal Threats NR12117kr

03/14/12 - LAPD Officer Moonlighting as a Security Guard Charged with Stealing from Luxury Hotel Where He Worked NR12116wr

03/14/12 - Lankershim Boulevard Prostitution Reduction Operations Plan NA12050rh

03/14/12 - How to Travel with your Pets Safely, And Equestrian Safety NR12051kr

03/14/12 - Sixteen year old girl fends off kidnapper NR12121ne

03/12/12 - Man Missing from Mid-City Area NR12115cj

03/11/12 - Motorcyclist Killed in a Hit and Run in Chatsworth NR12114cj

03/09/12 - Hollywood Area Remembers Fallen Officer Ian Campbell 49-years After the Onion Field Murder NA12049wr

03/08/12 - Former LAPD Detective Stephanie Lazarus Convicted on Murder Charges NR12113mjf

03/07/12 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrol NA12047gb

03/07/12 - Central City Police Boosters Salute Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Personnel and Business Improvement District (BID) Safety Officers in Central Area NA12046cj

03/07/12 - Hit and Run Suspect Taken into Custody NR12112ne

03/07/12 - Woman Missing from Downtown Area NR12110kr

03/07/12 - 91-Year-Old Korean Woman Struck By Hit-And-Run Driver NR12108rh

03/07/12 - 150 Cadets Flood Pacific Area to Inform the Public on Crime Prevention NR12048cj

03/06/12 - Suspect Tries to Elude Police - Points Handgun at Officers NR12107kr

03/06/12 - Hit and Run Suspect Taken into Custody NR12111kr

03/05/12 - Teen Death Possibly Related to Binge Drinking NR120104kr

03/05/12 - Man Killed in Hit-And-Run Traffic Collision NR12103gb

03/05/12 - 60-Year-Old Pedestrian Critically Injured in Hit-And-Run NR12102gb

03/05/12 - Man Killed During Gang Dispute Was Unintended Target NR120105cj

03/04/12 - Woman Found Dead Inside Parked Car NR120101kr

03/04/12 - Hit and Run Suspect Leaves Skidrow Resident In Critical Condition NR120100kr

03/02/12 - LAPD Officers And FBI Agent Shoot And Kill Double Murder Suspect On Rooftop Of Home In La Mirada NR12099ajs

03/01/12 - LAPD – Community Basketball Game

03/01/12 - Media Availability NA12045cj