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March 2013

03/30/13 - 29-Year-Old Missing Adult NR13104df

03/30/13 - Teen Fatally Shot in Panorama City NR13108pv

03/30/13 - LAPD/F.B.I. Seek Public’s Help Locating Child Kidnapping Suspect NR13106ne

03/29/13 - Investigators from VTD Seek Witnesses of a Fatal Traffic Collision in Porter Ranch NR13106SF

03/28/13 - Media Availability Updates on the Northridge Child Abduction Investigation NA13051rf

03/28/13 - LAPD to Hold Zero Tolerance Distracted Driving Enforcement Campaign NA13052bb

03/28/13 - Spanish Speakers Targeted in Con Artist Lotto Scams NR13102sm

03/27/13 - Detectives are Searching for Attempt Murder Suspects NR13100df

03/27/13 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrol NA13049bb

03/27/13 - 32-Year-Old Missing Adult NR13103df

03/27/13 - $50K Reward Offered in Connection with the James Wilder Murder Case NA13050df

03/27/13 - Child Abduction Regional Emergency (C.A.R.E) Alert 10-year-old Missing Girl NR13101bb

03/27/13 - Third Annual César E. Chávez Luncheon Celebration “An Inspiring Journey” NA13046rl

03/26/13 - Suspect Captured in Attempted Kidnapping for Sexual Assault Crime Spree NR13096bb

03/26/13 - LAPD Officers Spot & Arrest Louisiana Fugitive Arrestee is First Woman to Successfully Escape from a Louisiana Prison NR13097rf

03/26/13 - Hit-and-Run Leaves Bicyclist Seriously Injured NR13098sm

03/25/13 - Detectives are Investigating a Suspicious Murder NR13092cn

03/25/13 - Detectives Arrest Kidnapping Suspect in North Hollywood who may be Connected to Multiple Attempted Kidnappings Throughout the City NA13048SF

03/24/13 - Officer-Involved Shooting Occurred During Service of a Search Warrant NR13095ne

03/23/13 - Officer-Involved Shooting in Echo Park NR13094ne

03/22/13 - Detectives Investigating Man’s Disappearance NR13093rf

03/21/13 - Family and Friends of Murder Victim Hold Candlelight Vigil NA13047rf

03/21/13 - Man Shot and Left for Dead Family Holds Vigil for Fallen Relative NR13091cj

03/20/13 - 30-Year-Old Missing Adult NR13090KH

03/20/13 - LAPD Academy Graduation NA13035rf

03/19/13 - Fatal Traffic Collision NR13088an

03/19/13 - LAPD Academy Graduation NA13035rf

03/19/13 - $50,000 Reward Being Offered In Connection with Murder Investigation NA13044ne

03/19/13 - Central City Police Boosters Salute Los Angeles Police Department and Business Improvement District (BID) Safety Officers NA13045am

03/18/13 - 24-Year-Old Man Shot at in His Vehicle NR13087am

03/17/13 - OIS in Rampart NR13085cj

03/17/13 - Man Fatally Shot in Panorama City NR13086pv

03/16/13 - Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office Announce Multiple Arrests in the Hollywood Area NA130343ne

03/15/13 - 23-Year-Old Missing Adult NR13084df

03/14/13 - Officers Subdue Man with Mental Illness NR13080df

03/14/13 - Multiple-Homicide Suspect Shot by Officers NR13076rf

03/14/13 - Don’t Drink and Drive in Los Angeles this St. Patrick’s Day DUI Checkpoint NR13066cn

03/14/13 - LAFD/LAPD Fire Station 89 Hosts St. Baldrick’s Foundation NA13041cn

03/14/13 - Traffic Collision Leaves a Bicyclist Dead NR13083cn

03/14/13 - Man Dies in Custody after Head-Banging NR13079rf

03/14/13 - 82-Year-Old Missing Woman NR13081rf

03/13/13 - 87-Year-Old Missing Man NR13078df

03/13/13 - ADL League to Honor Members of Law Enforcement LAPD Detective to Receive Award for Arresting Suspects Wanted for Local Hate Crime NA13038SF

03/12/13 - Video Surveillance Footage Shows Armed Liquor Store Robbery NR13077rf

03/12/13 - Woman Severely Injured in Hit-and-Run Incident Detectives Reach Out to the Public for Help NR13073rf

03/11/13 - Multiple-Homicide Suspect Shot by Officers NR13076rf

03/11/13 - Traffic Detectives Need Public Help to Locate a Person of Interest NA13039RF

03/11/13 - Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk This Saint Patrick’s Day NR13042ne

03/11/13 - Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk This Saint Patrick’s Day; Designate a Sober Driver Before the Party Begins NR13042ne

03/08/13 - Burglary Suspect Sought by Police NR13074am

03/08/13 - Residential Burglars Caught on Video NR13075am

03/08/13 - Burglary at a High-End Handbag Store NR13072cn

03/08/13 - Police Chief Charlie Beck to Host Muslim Community Forum NA13037SF

03/07/13 - Missing Man in Need of Medication NR13070rf

03/07/13 - 18-Year-Old Missing Woman NR13071cn

03/06/13 - 54-Year-Old Missing Man NR13068cn

03/06/13 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrols NA13034am

03/04/13 - LAPD Topanga Area Officers Play Pivotal Role in Reviving a 75-Year-Old Woman NR13063cj

03/01/13 - 37-Year-Old Motorcyclist Killed in Traffic Collision NR13062ne