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May 2012

05/31/12 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrol NA12119rh

05/31/12 - Argument Escalates to Stabbing NR12243bb

05/31/12 - Missing Man with Medical Condition Man’s Family Is Very Concerned NR12244rf

05/31/12 - Palms Assault Victim Dies From Injuries NR12245bb

05/31/12 - Hot-Prowl Burglary Suspects Sought NR12242bb

05/30/12 - Missing Person Darrin Royal NR12241ne

05/30/12 - 52-Year-Old Critical Missing Woman NR12240bb

05/27/12 - Two Men Shot During Confrontation NR12239kr

05/27/12 - Bicyclist Run Down and Shot, Dies at Scene; Second Victim also Shot and Injured NR12238kr

05/24/12 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with Checkpoint

05/24/12 - Two Unrelated Suspects Charged with Brutal Attacks on Dogs NR12235gb

05/24/12 - Fugitive on the Run for 27 Years has been Arrested for Murder NR12233rh

05/24/12 - Rampart Sees Increase in Auto/Property-Related Crimes Public’s; Help Requested to Identify Suspects nr12234gb

05/21/12 - City of Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Employee Arrested NR12232kr

05/19/12 - Traffic Collision Results in Death of a Motorcycle Driver NR12231wr

05/19/12 - Argument Escalates to Deadly Stabbing NR12230wr

05/19/12 - USC Murder Suspects Arrested NR12229an

05/18/12 - Sobriety & Driver’s License Checkpoint

05/18/12 - Police Academy Magnet Schools Graduation

05/18/12 - LAPD Valley Traffic Division

05/17/12 - Robbery Suspect Captured on Tape NR12225cj

05/17/12 - Murder Suspect Arrested After 31 Years In Connection with 1981 Murder Investigation NR12227bb

05/17/12 - Robbery Victim Dies from Injuries NR12228bb

05/17/12 - Southeast Area’s “Tea in our Village” Motivational Event

05/17/12 - School Employee Arrested for Unlawful Sexual Activity with a Child NR12226rf

05/17/12 - Increase in Plain Thefts and Burglaries from Motor Vehicles NA12116cj

05/16/12 - $50,000 Reward Being Offered in Connection with a Fatal Hit-and-Run NA12112wr

05/16/12 - Hit-and-Run Driver Left the Scene While Passenger was Critically Injured NR12224rh

05/16/12 - LAPD Academy Graduation

05/14/12 - Two Arrested for Attempted Murder of Police Officers in Los Angeles NR12220cj

05/14/12 - DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrol

05/14/12 - Armed and Barricaded Suspect Refused to Surrender; Shot by SWAT Member NR12222kr

05/14/12 - Three Vehicle Traffic Collision Results in Death for One Driver NR12221kr

05/10/12 - Market Robbery Suspect Captured on Tape NR12215bb

05/10/12 - DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrol NA12106bb

05/10/12 - Jewelry Store Thief Caught On Camera NR12211gb

05/10/12 - Robbery Series Targeting Vehicles and Pedestrians NA12109bb

05/09/12 - Sobriety & Driver’s License Checkpoint NA12108bb

05/09/12 - 2012 Safe & Sober Graduation Operation NA12107bb

05/09/12 - Hit and Run Driver Leaves Victim in Grave Condition NR12213rh

05/09/12 - Sexual Assault Suspect Arrested NR12216bb

05/09/12 - Sobriety & Driver’s License Checkpoint

05/08/12 - “The Opportunistic Bandit” NR12214bb

05/08/12 - Man Shot to Death in Pecan Park Area NR12212gb

05/08/12 - Man found Lying on the Street NR12210rh

05/08/12 - Man Shot to Death in Lincoln Heights Area at a Party NR12219cj

05/08/12 - False Alarm Reduction Public Service Announcement to be Premiered at Police Commission Meeting

05/07/12 - Collision Leaves One Dead Driver Arrested for DUI NR12209cj

05/07/12 - Man Detained for Stalking Actress NR12208cj

05/06/12 - Search for Critical Missing NR12207rh

05/05/12 - 52-Year-Old Critical Missing Woman NR12205bb

05/05/12 - Hit and Run Suspect Sought Suspect Identified as Steve Smith of South L.A NR12206bb

05/04/12 - Police Seeking Two Critically Missing Persons; Patients Missing from Hospital Need Medication NR12203rf

05/04/12 - Jewelry Store Robbery NR12204gb

05/04/12 - Chief Beck Honors Officers with Distinguished Purple Heart & Medal of Valor Awards for Heroism NA12078rf

05/03/12 - May Day Assault Suspect Arrested Additional Suspects wanted for Assault on LAPD officers

05/03/12 - Motorcycle & Bicycle Traffic Safety News Conference; Motorcycle & Bicycle Rider Safety Demonstrations; and, Static Display NA12103ne

05/03/12 - Kids from the Greig Smith LAPD Devonshire Youth Center Showcase their Artwork at an Exclusive Exhibit NA12102SF

05/02/12 - LAPD Seeks Help in identifying three May Day Assault Suspects Suspects wanted for assaults on LAPD officers

05/02/12 - Victim Struck by Gunfire while Standing on Sidewalk NR12200wr

05/02/12 - Designate a Driver Before the ‘Fiesta’ Begins NA12100ks

05/01/12 - Annual Memorial Ceremony to Honor LAPD Officers Who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice

05/01/12 - Man and Woman Shot while Standing on Sidewalk, Man Dies at Hospital NR12199kr