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May 2013

05/31/13 - 19-Year-Old Missing Woman NR13183cj

05/30/13 - Officer-Involved Shooting in Foothill Area NR13168bb

05/30/13 - 40-year-old Missing Person NR13175cj

05/30/13 - Outstanding Panorama City Murder Suspect Arrested NR13178pv

05/30/13 - Arrest of Man Suspected in Stalking Girls in Sylmar NR13177pv

05/30/13 - LAPD Hollenbeck Police Activities League (PAL) Awards Gala Honoring Larry King, The Good News Foundation, and Wells Fargo

05/29/13 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints NA13087df

05/29/13 - LAPD Detectives Looking to Identify a Robbery Suspect in Hollywood NR13176cj

05/29/13 - BEWARE: Man Approaching Children Near School NR13174pv

05/29/13 - Man Attempts to Kidnap Eleven Year Old Girl NR13172ne

05/28/13 - Two Iowa Robbery Suspects Were Captured in Hollywood NR13170cj

05/28/13 - The Gone Plaid Bandit Captured on Camera NR13169rh

05/28/13 - Violent Man with Knives Result in an Officer-Involved Shooting NR13167cn

05/25/13 - Man Dies from Hit & Run Collision NR13171rh

05/24/13 - Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program (D.A.R.E.) Officer Graduation NA13085bb

05/22/13 - Commercial Burglary Suspects Captured on Tape NR13167rl

05/21/13 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers over Memorial Day Holiday NA13084bb

05/20/13 - LAPD West Valley Detectives Ask for the Publics’ Assistance in Identifying possible Murder Suspect NA13082sm

05/17/13 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints NA13083SF

05/17/13 - LAPD Open House Mission Police Station NR13166pv

05/17/13 - Resident Awakens and Finds Female Suspect Stealing Property from Her Apartment NR13164SF

05/16/13 - Suspects Attempt to Lure Young Girls into Cars NR13163sp

05/16/13 - Attorney General Kamala D. Harris to Hold Press Conference on Gun Violence Prevention NA13081rl

05/16/13 - LAPD Academy Graduation NA13078rf

05/16/13 - LAPD West Valley Detectives Ask for the Publics’ Assistance in Identifying possible Murder Suspect NA13082sm

05/16/13 - Operation Progress Receives a Substantial Donation NA13080cj

05/14/13 - That’s Not Santa! NR13162pv

05/13/13 - Employee Shot and Killed During Wireless Store Robbery NR13161SF

05/13/13 - Silver Lake Street Robberies; Victims Robbed near Lake While Jogging NR13160rf

05/13/13 - President Barack Obama to Present LAPD Officers with the National Association of Police Organizations “Top Cop” Award NA13079SF

05/13/13 - 85-year-old Man Missing from Los Angeles NR13159SF

05/09/13 - One Dead and Several Injured in Three-Car Collision NR13158rf

05/09/13 - 20-Year-Old Missing Woman from Los Angeles NR13157cj

05/09/13 - LAPD Officer-Involved Shooting in Carson NR13149an

05/08/13 - Armed and Barricaded Suspect Refuses to Surrender NR13156df

05/08/13 - Officer-Involved Shooting in Topanga NR13154sp

05/08/13 - 7th District Council Office Funds Allotted for SF Valley Party Car NA13077pv

05/08/13 - Cancer Survivors Reunite With Their Bone Marrow Donors at City of Hope NA13076cj

05/07/13 - Update on Christopher Dorner Reward NR13155rl

05/07/13 - Police Looking for Child Molest Suspect NR13153rf

05/03/13 - Officer-Involved Shooting in Wilshire NR13151ne

05/03/13 - Market Robbery Results in an Officer-Involved Shooting NR13150ne

05/03/13 - Los Angeles Police Foundation Honors Rick J. Caruso at 15th Anniversary True Blue Gala

05/03/13 - Motorcyclist Dies in Collision at Winnetka Intersection NR13141df

05/03/13 - Human Trafficking Conviction NR13148ne

05/03/13 - Barricaded Suspect Points Gun at Officers; Officer-Involved Shooting Occurs NR13143df

05/03/13 - This Year’s Gun Buyback Program Results NA13074rf

05/03/13 - 2013 Gun Buyback Program NA13074rl

05/02/13 - Young Asian Man Missing for Almost Two Weeks NR13146rf

05/02/13 - Strange Man Seen Blowing Kisses near School NR13145pv-rf

05/02/13 - Los Angeles Police Foundation Honors Rick J. Caruso at the Prestigious True Blue Gala NA13072SF

05/02/13 - Designate a Driver before the ‘Fiesta’ Begins NA13073cn

05/02/13 - Hit-and-Run Incident Kills Pedestrian Detectives Believe Driver’s Actions Were Intentional NR13144rf

05/02/13 - LAPD Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce Arrest Suspect for Distribution of Child Pornography NR13137df

05/01/13 - May Day Media Parking NA13071rl

05/01/13 - Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month NA13068df