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Thursday, January 16, 2020

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Los Angeles Police Commission invites public comments regarding the Bolawrap Remote Restraint Device Pilot Program Guidelines NR20015ti

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Los Angeles: Community members are invited and encouraged to comment on the NR20015ti. The Bolawrap Remote Restraint Device was presented to the Board of Police Commission on January 14, 2020. Upon review of public comments, the Board of Police Commission will consider the Los Angeles Police Department entering a pilot program to deploy the device in the field. If the Pilot Program is approved, it will be implemented for 180 Days. Upon completion of the pilot program, available data will be presented for consideration to determine if this device will be approved for Departmental use.

The pilot program guidelines are available for viewing on the LAPD website, with a link to respond via electronic mail. Public comment may be sent via electronic mail to:, or in writing by mailing comments to the Personnel and Training Bureau, 100 West 1st Street, Suite 647, Los Angeles, California 90012. Final comments will be accepted for two weeks, until January 30, 2020. A summary of the public input will be provided to the Board for discussion and consideration. Once the Board has reviewed available information, this topic will be placed as an agenda item on a future Board of Police Commission Meeting to provide LAPD with their input. For additional information, please contact the Personnel and Training Bureau, at 213-486-7079.