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October 2012

10/31/12 - Search Warrants Served, Arrests Made at Medical Marijuana Dispensary NR12497cj

10/31/12 - Celebrities Team-Up with LAPD to Fight Juvenile Delinquency 1 – CUP Campaign Launch NA12238rh

10/30/12 - LAPD and City Officials Offer Halloween Safety Tips Event Includes Children’s Costume Parade

10/28/12 - Quick Arrest in Fatal Stabbing at Sylmar Birthday Party NR12495pv

10/28/12 - Vehicular Manslaughter Suspect Taken into Custody NR12494cj

10/26/12 - Officer-Involved Shooting in Newton NR12493vh

10/26/12 - Suspects Shoot at Officers While in Pursuit NR12492ne

10/26/12 - Officer-Involved Shooting in Van Nuys NR12491ne

10/26/12 - Non Hit Officer-Involved Shooting in 77th NR12490vh

10/26/12 - LAPD Foothill Area to Promote Holiday Anti-Theft Program Hide It, Lock It, Keep It NR12236vh

10/26/12 - Detectives Want Public’s Help to Identify Robbery Suspect; Surveillance Footage Depicts Suspect NR12489rf

10/25/12 - Funds Allotted to Run Party Car in Northeast San Fernando Valley NR12488bb

10/25/12 - $50K Reward Offered in Connection with the Dennis Tillet Murder Case NA12235rh

10/23/12 - Traffic Advisory for Presidential Visit NA12232bb

10/23/12 - LAPD Topanga Area Restores Native California Landscape NA12231rf

10/22/12 - Detectives are Looking for a Murder Suspect NR12485cj

10/22/12 - Woman Killed in Traffic Collision; Driver Arrested NR12484cj

10/19/12 - Lottery Ticket Scammers Prey on Seniors in San Pedro NR12483cj

10/19/12 - Suspect in Stolen Vehicle Strikes and Kills Pedestrian NR12481cn

10/18/12 - Loan Modification Scam Suspects Arrested NR12481bb

10/18/12 - Elderly Woman Missing NR12482ne

10/18/12 - LAPD Launches Facebook and Twitter Page NR12480vh

10/17/12 - Pedestrian Fatally Struck by a Vehicle NR12478cn

10/17/12 - Detectives Have Identified a Murder Suspect NR12479vh

10/16/12 - Man Found Dead in front of Driveway NR12476rh

10/16/12 - Detectives Investigate a Case of Murder/Suicide in Olympic Division NR12477SF

10/15/12 - Mission 26- The Big Endeavour NR12430rl

10/12/12 - Anti-bullying Forum in Hollywood NA12229SF

10/12/12 - Suspect Murders Roommate in North Hollywood NR12472SF

10/12/12 - Space Shuttle Endeavour Press Conference With Unified Commanders

10/11/12 - Subway Restaurant Robbery Suspects Caught on Tape NR12468cn

10/11/12 - Motorcyclist Fatally Struck by a Vehicle NR12471cn

10/11/12 - Animal Sales Signage Intensifies Enforcement Efforts Multi-Agency Effort to Deter/Prosecute Illegal Animal Sales

10/10/12 - Off Duty Officer Involved in an Officer Involved Shooting NR12469ne

10/10/12 - Plan Ahead for Shuttle Endeavor NA12228bb

10/10/12 - Officer Involved Shooting in Southwest NR12470ne

10/10/12 - Shuttle Endeavour’s Route and Public Viewing Areas NR12467rl

10/09/12 - North Hollywood Task Force II in Arts District NA12227bb

10/09/12 - Man on Moped Exposes Self to Girl NR12466rf

10/08/12 - Burglar Nabbed Thanks to GPS Bracelet NR12465pv

10/08/12 - Media Staging Areas for Space Shuttle Endeavour’s Route NA12225rl

10/05/12 - Man Shot, Killed in Quiet Sylmar Neighborhood NR12462pv

10/04/12 - City of L.A. Crisis Response Team (CRT) now Recruiting - October 2012 NR12461cn

10/04/12 - Chief Charlie Beck announces proposed changes to the way the L.A.P.D. handles ICE detentions of some undocumented immigrant arrests NR12460as

10/03/12 - Media Availability NA12222td

10/03/12 - South Los Angeles Man Missing

10/03/12 - 19th Annual Community Police Advisory Board Summit NA12223cj

10/03/12 - Protect Your Identity Shred Your Unwanted Documents at Two FREE Community Shred-it Events NA12224SF

10/02/12 - Mission 26 - The Big Endeavour

10/02/12 - Human Trafficking Conviction NR12449cn

10/02/12 - Chief Charlie Beck Responds to Jury award in Valerie Allen Shooting Case NR12459as

10/02/12 - Missing Elderly Man with Dementia NR12458cj

10/01/12 - 29-Year-Old Shot in Front of His Home NR12455ne

10/01/12 - Girl was Robbed of her Gold Necklace NR12457rh

10/01/12 - Police in Search of a Chain Snatcher and her Accomplice NR12456cj