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October 2013

10/30/13 - Consejos Para La Seguridad Vial En La Noche De Brujas NR13192sm

10/30/13 - Halloween Traffic Safety Tips NR13192rh

10/29/13 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoint and Saturation Patrol NA13191gb

10/28/13 - News Conference to Announce the Arrest of Two Suspects Wanted in the “Craig’s List” Murder Case NA13190SF

10/28/13 - Traffic Collision Leaves Mother and 2-year-old Passenger Severely Injured NR13474sm

10/28/13 - Fatal Motorcycle Collision NR13475rh

10/28/13 - 84-Year-Old Critical Missing Man NR13473gb

10/25/13 - Detectives Looking for Sexual Assault Suspect NR13471rf

10/24/13 - 31-Year-Old Missing Female NR13468rh

10/24/13 - Law Enforcement and Elected Officials Provide Halloween Safety Tips NA13188ne

10/23/13 - Detectives Seek Public Help to Identify Homicide Suspect of Store Clerk NA13187rf

10/23/13 - Propane Tank Explodes inside a Pick-Up Truck NR13469rh

10/22/13 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoint and Saturation Patrol NA 13186sm

10/22/13 - LAPD and DEA Taking Back Unwanted Prescription Drugs in Conjunction with Kaiser Permanente NA13183dm

10/22/13 - Latino Community Forum NA13184rh

10/22/13 - Robbery in South Los Angeles Leaving One Dead NR13466gb

10/21/13 - LAPD Wants You to be Aware of Craigslist Scams NR13465cj

10/21/13 - LAPD West Los Angeles Area Host an Evening of Haunt and Fun NA13185cj

10/21/13 - Music Artist is Charged With a Felony NR13467cj

10/19/13 - 22-year-old Female Kidnapped by Ex-boyfriend NR13464sm

10/18/13 - Mission Possible 2013 Event Aims to Raise Autism Awareness NA13181dm

10/18/13 - LAPD Arrests a Second Suspect for Dry-ice Destructive Device Incidents NR13463sm

10/17/13 - Woman Confronts Officers with a Knife Resulting In an Officer- Involved Shooting NR13458ne

10/17/13 - Hit-and-Run Drivers Leave Pedestrian Dead $50,000 Reward Extended NR13460dm

10/17/13 - Burglaries Spike in Rampart Division’s Silverlake and Echo Park Areas NR13462rf

10/16/13 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoint and Saturation Patrol NA13182ne

10/16/13 - LAPD Arrests Suspect Wanted for Dry-ice Destructive Device Incidents NR13461SF

10/15/13 - Officer-Involved Shooting in the Mission Area NR13459ne

10/15/13 - LAPD Counter Terrorism Deputy Chief to Hold a Private Security Briefing NA13180cj

10/11/13 - LAPD to Hold Interagency Active Shooter Training Day NA13179sm

10/11/13 - LAPD Hollywood Detectives make an arrest in connection with the double stabbing on Hollywood Boulevard on Labor Day NR13157dm

10/10/13 - LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck Hosts the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning Community Forum

10/10/13 - Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck responds to District Attorney Filing Charges on an LAPD Officer NR13456AS

10/10/13 - Count-Three Bandit Hits Valley and More, Caught on Tape NR13455pv

10/09/13 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrol

10/09/13 - Gym Locker Theft Series NR13453cj

10/09/13 - LAPD Baseball Team Competition NA13176dm

10/08/13 - Los Angeles Police Department & Cal State L.A. University Police NA13175ne

10/08/13 - Looking for Parents of 5-Year-Old Child Found Near 77th Street Station NA13173dm

10/08/13 - Burglary Suspects Sought; Series of Distraction Burglaries in the San Fernando Valley NR13452rh

10/07/13 - Pedestrian and Safety Crosswalk Enforcement Operation NA13174cj

10/07/13 - Pedestrian Fatally Struck by a Hit-and-Run Vehicle in Encino NR13454cj

10/05/13 - Officer-Involved Shooting in Olympic NR1480ne

10/04/13 - 76-Year-Old and 67-Year-Old Critical Missing Females NR13451nv

10/02/13 - Wilshire/West Traffic Division Open House NA13171bb

10/02/13 - Free Women’s Self-Defense Workshop NA13170dm

10/01/13 - LAPD Baseball Team Host “The Best Bats in the Valley” NA13168nv

10/01/13 - Hit-and-Run Driver Leave Pedestrian Dead $50,000 Reward Offered NR13169rh