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October 2014

10/30/14 - LAPD Recruit Graduation NA14198rf

10/30/14 - Beware: The Shoulder Surfer! NR14409pv

10/29/14 - Off Duty LAPD Officer Arrested in Huntington Beach NR14408an

10/29/14 - 63-Year-Old Missing Woman NR14405lp

10/29/14 - Basketball Coach Arrested on Sexual Battery Charges NR14403dm

10/29/14 - Community Forum Regarding AB60, The New Law to License Undocumented Residents NA14199dm

10/29/14 - LAPD Hollenbeck Division Partners with the Los Angeles Fire Department and Safe Moves to Promote Halloween Safety NA14197dm

10/28/14 - Suspect Targets Elderly Women at Local Banks to Assault and Steal from Them NR14406SF

10/28/14 - Blessing Scam Targets Chinese Community NR14402lp

10/28/14 - Union March and Rally Media Staging NA14193nv

10/27/14 - 29-year-old Woman Shot to Death NR14401lp

10/27/14 - Man Shot to Death NR14399JK

10/27/14 - Union March and Rally Media Staging NA14193nv

10/27/14 - 40-Year-Old Man Injured By Hit-And-Run Driver NR14400lp

10/25/14 - LAPD Topanga Division Youth Programs Golf Tournament NA14196NV

10/24/14 - Man Arrested After Woman Dies in Crash NR14396an

10/24/14 - Suspects Terrorizes 88-year-old Victim NR14395JK

10/24/14 - Use of Force Incident Getting Careful Review NR14397an

10/24/14 - The LAPD Aims to Improve Safety of Motorcyclists Careless Motorists as Well as Riders Get Special Scrutiny NR14398SF

10/24/14 - Holiday Awareness and Safety Tips

10/23/14 - Robbery Spree Suspect Caught on Tape NR14394nv

10/23/14 - $50,000 Reward Offered for Fatal Hit & Run Driver NA14194lp

10/23/14 - Beautification of Foothill Station Brings Community Together

10/23/14 - Unveiling of LAPD Hollenbeck Area’s Little Free Library

10/22/14 - Traffic Advisory for a Permitted March NR14190lp

10/21/14 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrols NR14191sm

10/21/14 - LAPD Officer Arrested for Grand Theft NR14392sm

10/20/14 - Law Enforcement and Elected Officials Provide Halloween Safety Tips NA14185sm

10/20/14 - Press Conference Regarding Abdullah Alkadi Investigation NA14187an

10/18/14 - Traffic Collision Leaves One Dead and the Driver on the Loose NR14389sm

10/16/14 - LAPD Pacific Division Gives Free Halloween Costumes to Kids NA14186dm

10/16/14 - Man Shot and Killed in Wilshire Area NR14387lp

10/16/14 - 8-Year-Old Boy Injured By Hit-And-Run Driver NR14388lp

10/16/14 - Community Involvement March & Clean Up in South Los Angeles

10/15/14 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints NA14184lp

10/15/14 - LAPD Seeks Additional Victims of Sexual Predator NR14386jk

10/14/14 - Burglary Suspect Strikes Homes for Sale NR14385jk

10/14/14 - News Conference to Announce $50,000 Reward in Unsolved Murder NA14183dm

10/13/14 - 79-Year-Old Missing Man NR14383jk

10/13/14 - 35-Year-Old Missing Woman NR14382dm

10/13/14 - Detectives seek witnesses on the shooting death of a 28 year-old man NR14381lp

10/13/14 - 40-Year-Old Man Killed in North Hollywood NR14379dm

10/10/14 - 45-Year-Old Missing Woman NR14377jk

10/10/14 - Community Impact Initiative & Clean Up in South Los Angeles NA14181nv

10/10/14 - Suspect Charged in Murder of a Chinatown Resident NR14378ne

10/10/14 - Announcement of $50,000 Reward in Transgender Murder NA14180dm

10/09/14 - LAPD Detectives Save the Life of a Suicide Jumper NR14376dm

10/09/14 - 7th Annual Randy Simmons 5K Run, Bike Ride/CrossFit Challenge

10/09/14 - Traffic Advisory for Presidential Visit

10/09/14 - 24-Year-Old Critical Missing Male NR14375nv

10/08/14 - Sherman Oaks Burglary Suspects Caught on Tape NR14372lp

10/08/14 - Unveiling of LAPD Valley Traffic Division’s Little Free Library

10/08/14 - Suspects Sought in Hollywood Area Robberies NR14374dm

10/07/14 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrol

10/07/14 - Man Assaulted and Killed in the Hollywood Area NR14371lp

10/07/14 - 6-Year-Old Boy Receives Help at CicLAvia After an Accident NR14370lp

10/06/14 - LAPD & The Autism Society Of Los Angeles Bring You “Mission Possible” NA14175sm

10/06/14 - Community Involvement March & Clean Up in South Los Angeles NA14174SF

10/06/14 - Wilshire Area/West Traffic Division Open House NA14167lp

10/05/14 - Traffic Advisory for Vice Presidential Visit NR14176an

10/03/14 - Victim Shot and Killed After Struggle with Suspects NR14368SF

10/03/14 - LAPD Receives $100,000 Award from the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control NR14

10/03/14 - Join West Los Angeles Community Police Station & Sharon Stone for a West LA Night Fundraiser NA14173sm

10/02/14 - 101-Year-Old Man killed By Hit-And-Run Driver

10/02/14 - LAPD Recruit Graduation

10/02/14 - 66-Year-Old Missing Man in Need of Medical Attention NR14366sm