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City Reports to the Federal Court

This report summarizes the City of Los Angeles’ (City’s) Consent Decree implementation activities, focusing on actions taken since the City’s August 1, 2002, report to the Court. Efforts,since August 1, 2002 have included: 1) continued hiring of staff; 2) initiation of development of Fiscal Year 03-04 budget needs; 3) preparing and releasing request for proposals (RFP) for outside consultant services for the TEAMS II Development Program; 4) continued review and refinement of changes to LAPD policies and procedures to both implement and monitor the provisions of the Consent Decree; 5) training and implementation of required policies and procedures; 6) monitoring compliance and implementation activities; and 7) initiating corrective actions when compliance and/or implementation issues are identified.

City Report - Status Report - February 3, 2003 [PDF]

City Reports to the Federal Court Archive

City Report - Status Report - August 1, 2002 [PDF]

City Report Summary Status Report to the Court Executive August 1, 2002 [PDF]