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Functions of the Communication Division

Personnel within Communications Division, called PSR,  Police Service Representatives perform a variety of functions necessary to coordinate routine and emergency operations. These functions are:

Emergency Board Operator (EBO)- Receives and processes telephone requests from citizens. A 911 dispatcher must make independent decisions, which affect the safety of police officers, and the community, which includes determining the urgency of requests received and the appropriate actions to take. A 9-1-1 dispatcher averages 75-250 calls per shift.

Radio Telephone Operator (RTO)- Dispatches patrol units using radio, digital terminal and other methods in accordance with urgency of requests for service. A single operator can be responsible for as many as 50 units.

Auxiliary Telephone Operator (ATO)- Processes calls for alarms, outside agencies as well as requests form field units for additional information or resources.

Bureau Communications Coordinator (BCC)- Oversees and monitors all activity in a specified police bureau including urgent field situations and officer emergencies. Networks with outside agencies.