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September 2010

09/30/10 - LAPD Officer arrested for Workers Compensation Fraud NR10473jr

09/30/10 - Operation Save Our Streets Joint Task Force NR10471rh

09/30/10 - Father and Son Shot While Walking NR10470ne

09/29/10 - Caught on Tape: Violent Attempt Purse Snatch in Venice Area NR10469ah

09/28/10 - Missing Hiker Found Dead Staggering Heat a Likely Factor in Hiker's Death NR10468kr

09/28/10 - Travel Agent Arrested for Scam in Northeast Area NR10466cj

09/27/10 - Counter Terrorism Criminal Intelligence Bureau (CTCIB) Capabilities Exposition NA10260bb

09/27/10 - Operation Save Our Streets Joint Task Force NA10262rh

09/26/10 - LAPD Detectives Provide Information About a Travel Agent Committing Fraud

09/25/10 - Fight Breaks Out at a Party Leaving One Dead and Ten Injured

09/24/10 - SWAT Sergeant Steve Gomez Retires -Last Active SWAT Officer Who Confronted Dangerous Suspects at NoHo BofA Shootout

09/23/10 - Hot Prowl Robbery in Alexandria Hotel

09/23/10 - SWAT Sergeant Steve Gomez Retires--Last Active SWAT Officer Who Directly Engaged Suspects at NoHo BofA Shootout

09/22/10 - Critical Mass Bike Ride and The LAPD

09/22/10 - LAPD and the Los Angeles Critical Mass Cycling Event Scheduled for September 24, 2010

09/22/10 - Teen Points Gun at Undercover Officers NR10464ah

09/21/10 - $50K Reward Offered in Connection with After-Prom Party Murder NA10259ah

09/21/10 - Media Parking Around the Police Administrative Building NA10255

09/21/10 - Woman Arrested After a Fatal Collision

09/20/10 - Woman Shot and Killed By Passing Vehicle NR10455rh

09/17/10 - Man Shot and Killed By Passing Vehicle

09/17/10 - Wilshire Detectives Investigating a Series of Car Break-Ins

09/17/10 - LAPD Detective Support and Vice Division Award $100,000 Grant NR10459ah

09/17/10 - Answer LA March and Rally 2010 NA10254gb

09/16/10 - Subway Store Robbery, Caught on Tape NR10454pv

09/16/10 - Reward for Capturing Murder Suspect

09/16/10 - 46-Year-Old Missing Person

09/15/10 - 24-Year-Old Missing Person

09/15/10 - Arrest of Serial Sexual Battery Suspect Who Has Been Operating in the Valley

09/15/10 - Detectives Seek Man Who Attempted to Kidnap a Girl

09/14/10 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint NA10249ah

09/14/10 - LAPD Announce DUI/Drivers License Checkpoint NA10250ah

09/14/10 - Traffic Safety Campaign Slow Down for Julia

09/14/10 - Concert Benefitting American Soldiers for LAPD Officer Joshua Cullins

09/13/10 - LAPD Pedestrian Crosswalk Safety Enforcement Operation

09/10/10 - Los Angeles Police Historical Society Presents A Century of Progress Celebrating 100 Years of Women in Law Enforcement and Paying Tribute to the 2010 Jack Webb Award Honorees NA10243SF

09/10/10 - Mission Area Community Youth Festival NA10247kr

09/10/10 - 3rd Annual Randy Simmons 5K Challenge Run Continuing a Legacy of Service NR10447rf

09/10/10 - Decomposed Body Discovered in Downtown Recycling Center NR10448pv

09/10/10 - Traffic Safety Awareness Near Schools

09/10/10 - No Media Parking

09/09/10 - Van Crews Botched Robbery, Caught on Tape

09/09/10 - Missing Person

09/09/10 - Child Abduction Regional Emergency/AMBER Alert Police Seek 3 Kids Taken by Mother

09/09/10 - LAPD Academy Graduation NA10237rf

09/09/10 - Promotion Recognizes Commanders and Captains

09/09/10 - Sexual Predator Arrested Detectives Seeking Additional Victims NR10445rh

09/08/10 - Body Found in Burned Vehicle Firefighters discover body while extinguishing vehicle fire

09/07/10 - LAPD Officer Involved in Shooting of Man Armed With Knife

09/07/10 - Community Meeting

09/07/10 - Officer Involved Shooting Discussion

09/07/10 - LAPD 100 Years: Celebrating the Women Sworn to Protect and to Serve NA10239SF

09/07/10 - Deserving Youth Receive Scholarships

09/06/10 - 70-Year-Old, Alzheimer Man Missing

09/06/10 - The Los Angeles Women's Police Officers and Associates Organization Announce the Release of the 100 Years of Women in Law Enforcement Commemorative Magazine

09/03/10 - LAPD Announces DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint

09/02/10 - LAPD Sobriety Checkpoints - Designate a Driver before the Labor Day Party Begins

09/02/10 - Update on Discovery of Mummified Infants

09/01/10 - Media Availability with Chief Beck NA10235gb

09/01/10 - Serial Burglar Sought NR10429bb

09/01/10 - Body Found in Burned Vehicle NR10435bb