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September 2011

09/30/11 - Woman Found Stabbed to Death in Motel NR11453rf

09/30/11 - Los Angeles Police Department Promotes One Deputy Chief, Three Commanders and Nine Lieutenants

09/28/11 - Rampart Shooting Leaves a Man Dead and a Woman Injured NR11449cj

09/28/11 - LAPD Detective convicted for Workers’ Compensation Fraud NR11450fp

09/28/11 - Mother Leaves Children Unattended and Has Serious Auto Accident NR11452rf

09/28/11 - Female Robber Caught on Tape Public’s Help Requested to Identify Her NR11448gb

09/28/11 - Taekwondo Belt Rank Testing for LAPD Mission Area Youth Program

09/28/11 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoints

09/26/11 - Attempt Murder Suspect Aims Guns at Officers; Results in Officer-Involved Shooting NR11446mjf

09/26/11 - Shooting Leaves One Dead in Hollywood NR11445cj

09/22/11 - DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoints

09/21/11 - Three Burglars Caught on Tape NR11441kr

09/21/11 - Attacker to be Charged with Murder NR11443pv

09/21/11 - DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoints

09/21/11 - Working Visit of the President of the United Mexican States

09/20/11 - Suspect Points Semi-Automatic Handgun at Officers Resulting in Officer-Involved Shooting NR11442ne

09/20/11 - Child Safety Seat Iinspection, Education & Enoforcement Operation NR11214ne

09/20/11 - LAPD Officers Encounter a Man Shooting at Victims South Los Angeles NR11439cj

09/19/11 - Man Attempted to Engage in Sexual Acts with Minor NR11432rh

09/19/11 - Suspect Sought in Burglary from Motor Vehicle NR11427rh

09/19/11 - LAPD Detectives Investigate a Shooting Death in Wilmington NR11433cj

09/19/11 - A Shooting at a Party Leaves One Man Dead NR11434cj

09/19/11 - LAPD Detectives Investigate a Stabbing Murder in Wilmington NR11435cj

09/19/11 - Fatal traffic Collision on PCH NR11436cj

09/19/11 - Barricaded Suspect Surrenders to Police NR11438cj

09/16/11 - Detectives Seeking Help to Identify Robbery Suspect NR11431cj

09/15/11 - Give Wisely to Nationwide relief Efforts Police Commission Media Release

09/15/11 - Los Angeles Triathlon

09/15/11 - Missing Person Melvin Gelfand NR11430rh

09/14/11 - North Hollywood Man Missing Since June NR11428rf

09/14/11 - Children’s Day “A Salute to Kids” NA11208gb

09/14/11 - Man Found Unresponsive During a Jail Cell Check NR11429rh

09/13/11 - Chief Charlie Beck Awards the First Ever Purple Heart Medal to 82 LAPD Officers NA11207SF

09/12/11 - Shooting Suspect Aims Gun at Officers NR11426cj

09/12/11 - Commercial Burglary in West Los Angeles NR11424DF

09/11/11 - Suspect Arrested in North Hollywood Murder NR44215kr

09/09/11 - Residential Burglary in West Los Angeles NR11423rh

09/08/11 - Assault Suspect Aims Gun at Officers Encounter Results in O.I.S NR11422rf

09/08/11 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoint

09/08/11 - Armed Barricaded Suspect Arrested After SWAT Operation NR11421AN

09/08/11 - LAPD Academy Graduation

09/08/11 - News Conference & Enforcement Operation – Crossing Guard and Pedestrian Safety; and, Return to School Safety Tips

09/08/11 - Sunshine Kids Return to Los Angeles

09/08/11 - Police, Fire and United States Military Join together for a 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony

09/08/11 - Kick Off of the 2011 Officer Safety and Awareness Training

09/08/11 - Felony Hit-and-Run Suspect Sought NR11420kr

09/07/11 - Media Availability with Chief Beck

09/06/11 - Officer, I Just Stole This Car! NR11419pv

09/06/11 - Man Dies In Early-morning Fight NR11418

09/06/11 - Child Abduction Regional Emergency (C.A.R.E.) NR11416an

09/06/11 - Man Found Murdered in his Home NR11415cj

09/06/11 - LAPD is Saddened by the Loss of a 24 Year Veteran NR11413cj

09/04/11 - 37TH Place Shooting NR11417ne

09/02/11 - 7-Eleven Robbery Suspect Captured on Video; Suspect Being Sought NR11411gb

09/01/11 - Armed Suspect Shoots at Officers during Stop NR11413mf

09/01/11 - Harbor Officers Attacked by Man Wielding a Cane NR11414mf

09/01/11 - Detectives Looking for Robbery Victim NR11408gb

09/01/11 - Body Recycler’s Dental Info Sent to Cal Dental Association NR11410pv