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September 2016

09/28/16 - Pedestrian Seriously Injured in Hit and Run NR16304ml

09/27/16 - Fatal Hit & Run Vehicle vs. Pedestrian in a wheel chair NR16302ti

09/26/16 - 14-Year-Old Critical Missing Male NR16301dm

09/26/16 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrol NA16206jh

09/26/16 - Liquor Store Clerk Shot and Killed NR16300ne

09/26/16 - Pedestrian Seriously Injured in Hit and Run NR16299ml

09/23/16 - Robbery of 72-Year-Old Woman Caught On Video NR16298dm

09/23/16 - Narcotics Officer Shoots at Suspect in Central Division NRF059-16ma

09/22/16 - LAPD Partners with The Sunshine Kids for a Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience NR16205ti

09/22/16 - 20-Year-Old Woman Reported Missing NR16295jh

09/22/16 - Topanga Division Fundraiser NA16204lp

09/22/16 - Mission Area’s “Safe and Sober Driving Awareness Seminar” NA16198aj

09/22/16 - Fatal Hit and Run Suspect Sought NA16203dm

09/22/16 - Kidnap Suspect Arrested NR16297ma

09/21/16 - $15,000 Reward for Cell Phone Business Robberies NR16296jh

09/20/16 - Homicide Detectives Seek the Public’s Assistance NA16201lp

09/19/16 - Homicide Detectives Seek the Public’s Assistance

09/19/16 - Memorial Freeway Sign Unveiling

09/19/16 - Chief Beck’s Statement Related to East Coast Events

09/16/16 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrols NA16197ti

09/15/16 - Commercial Burglary Suspects Sought in Studio City NR16291dm

09/15/16 - 2nd Annual National Day of Non-Violence

09/15/16 - Investigators Seeking Additional Victims of Sexual Assault NR16289jh

09/15/16 - Los Angeles Area Mail Theft Suspect NR16290ma

09/14/16 - Motive Unknown: Murder Victim Knew His Assailants NR16288pv

09/13/16 - 75-Year-Old Man Reported Missing NR16286lp

09/13/16 - 61-Year-Old Woman Reported Missing NR16287ti

09/12/16 - Rampart Station’s “Latino Community Forum” NA16195aj

09/12/16 - Revenge Porn Suspect Arrested NR16284jh

09/09/16 - “Grand Re-Opening” LAPD Elysian Park Academy NA16186lp

09/09/16 - 19-Year Old Man Murdered NR16283aj

09/09/16 - Pacoima Resident Murdered NR16282lp

09/09/16 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrols

09/09/16 - The LAPD Focuses on Education and Enforcement at Dangerous Intersections in Central Bureau NA16192lp

09/09/16 - Traffic Advisory for Vice Presidential Visit

09/08/16 - LAPD iWATCHLA App NR16281ti

09/08/16 - Homicide in Mission Division NR16280aj

09/07/16 - Detectives Seeking Help to Identify Robbery Suspects NR16279ml

09/07/16 - Motorcycle Officer Confronted by Man Armed with Two Handguns NRF055-16ma

09/07/16 - Officer Involved Shooting of Hollywood Officers Confronted by a Man with a Rifle NRF057-16ma

09/06/16 - Robbery Homicide Division Investigates Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a Peace Officer NR16278ma

09/06/16 - Robbery Results in an Officer-Involved-Shooting Involving Off Duty LAPD Reserve Officer NRF041-16ma

09/06/16 - Off-Duty Officer Exchanges Gunfire after Witnessing Drive-by Shooting NRF013-16ma

09/06/16 - LAPD Invites the Media to Mental Health Training NA16189lp

09/06/16 - 39-Year-Old Missing Male Adult NR16277jh

09/06/16 - Homicide In Newton Division NR16276ti

09/06/16 - “Kaitlyn’s Law” – Don’t Leave Children in Hot Vehicles Child Car Seat Safety NA16191lp

09/06/16 - 18-Year-Old Critical Missing Male NR16275ti

09/06/16 - Hollenbeck Gang Officer Involved in Shooting of Suspect Armed with a Handgun NRF053-16ma

09/02/16 - Chief Charlie Beck Honors 57 Officers with the Distinguished Medal of Valor, Purple Heart & Preservation of Life Awards

09/02/16 - Arrests Made Related to the Sale and Distribution of “spice” in Skid Row. NR16273an

09/02/16 - Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau iWATCHLA Press Conference

09/02/16 - 50-Year-Old Man Reported Missing NR16274lp