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Facts About South Bureau

Facts About Operations South Bureau

Operations-South Bureau (OSB) consists of four geographic Areas and three specialized entities. Each Area has delineated administrative responsibilities between the Area Captain III and Captain I. The Captain III is responsible for all administrative functions, specialized units and community relations for the Area. The Captain I is responsible for all patrol related functions within the Area.


  1. Southwest Area
  2. 77th Street Area
  3. Southeast Area
  4. Harbor Area

Specialized Entities

  1. Operations-South Bureau, Special Enforcement Unit (SEU)
  2. Operations-South Bureau, Complaint Unit
  3. Operations-South Bureau, Sexual Assault Investigative Team (SAIT)
  4. South Traffic Division

Operations South Bureau encompasses 1,012 street miles and 57.6
square miles

Southwest Area has 233 street miles and is 9.8 square miles.
77TH Street Area has 258 street miles and is 11.9 square miles.
Southeast Area has 207 street miles and is 10.2 square miles.
Harbor Area has 314 street miles and is 25.7 square miles.

South Bureau has a total of 639,924 inhabitants with the population divided as follows:

Southwest - 164,552 (approximately 16,791 residents per square mile)
77th Street - 175,522 (approximately 14,750 residents per square mile)
Southeast - 127,984 (approximately 12,547 residents per square mile)
Harbor - 171,866 (approximately 6,687 residents per square mile)