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Traffic Enforcement Officer of the Year - Police Officer II+2 Henry Colebrooke

The South Traffic Division Command announces with great honor and distinction the selection of Motorcycle Police Officer II+2 Henry “Hank” Colebrooke, Serial No. 30313, as the South Traffic Division Traffic Enforcement Officer of the Year.

Officer Colebrooke has been a motorcycle officer for 17 years.  Seven of those years have been in South Traffic Division.  As a motor officer Colebrooke has made in excess of one thousand driving under the influence (DUI) related arrests.  His attention and commitment to traffic safety has positively impacted traffic flow while making the roads throughout South Los Angeles safer for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
During the first quarter of 2013, Colebrooke worked the DUI Team.  As a peer leader of this elite unit, Colebrooke was exemplary in identifying impaired drivers who posed a serious risk to public safety.  His performance and work quality was exemplary as his detailed DUI investigations resulted in the appropriate arrests and booking of inebriated violators and achieving their subsequent court convictions.  Colebrooke’s tenacity in arresting DUI violators earned him a 2013 / 2014 Mothers Against Drunk Driver’s (MADD) Award for outstanding contributions to rid South Los Angeles city streets of dangerous and impaired drivers.

As a result of his hard work, expertise and leadership Colebrooke was tasked with training new officers to the unit.  His instruction served to enhance the knowledge base of the detail and resulted in a higher percentage of intoxicated motorists being identified and removed from public roadways.

For the remainder of the year, Colebrooke was assigned to P.M. Watch where his contributions to the watch were immediate and impactful.  Colebrooke was quickly identified as a positive peer leader; dedicated to achieving divisional and departmental goals.  His commitment to leadership and  respect for public safety have shown bright in many areas including his consistent high production in traffic enforcement with emphasis on crime reduction within identified areas known as the “Crime Mission Area.”  Colebrooke utilized his knowledge of the crime trends and mission objectives to strategically achieve divisional and Departmental crime reduction and traffic safety goals.  Colebrooke’s efforts are in keeping with the highest traditions of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Colebrooke is a mild mannered officer with strong leadership skills.  This is most evident by his assertiveness when addressing training issues in roll call as well as debriefing tactical incidents in the field.
In addition to his on-duty diligence, Colebrooke values spending quality time with his family.


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