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Civilian of the Year - Clerk Typist Susie McCray

Susie McCray, Serial No. B9318, was selected as the South Traffic Division (STD) Civilian of the Year for 2013.  She was raised in the Los Angeles Area, though she attended Lynwood High School.  After graduating from high school, she continued her education at Harbor Community College.  Shortly thereafter, she sought employment with the City of Los Angeles.  She is a tenured employee who has been a member of the Los Angeles Police Department for more than 35 years, as a clerk typist.  Her duties consist of reviewing incoming reports for accuracy, inputting critical information into the Crime Analysis database to ensure accurate statistical data of traffic collisions, including xeroxing collision reports for distribution.  Her assigned duties are laborious and tedious, though, she has eagerly accepted her responsibilities without concern.    

She is a loyal employee who is committed to the Police Department and community.  She is reliable and can be trusted to complete any task.  She is very supportive of the division and has volunteered for fund raisers and special events.  She has participated in divisional picnics and holiday parties.  She is a conscientious employee who has exceptional work skills.  She is married with three adult children.  She is an active member of Fountain of Life Church of God and Christ, where her husband is an assistant pastor.  

She has played an integral role in the success of the Arch Diocese Program at STD.  The program is funded by the City and is used to provide work skills for low income high school students.  A majority of these students have derived from environments that lack solid role models and mentors.  She has been instrumental in the development of these students.  She has educated students concerning proper business attire, professional conduct, and work skills.  She has trained students with filing, data inputting, and report distribution.  Additionally, she has encouraged students to continue their education subsequent to high school.  Many of these students are currently enrolled in four year colleges, and she has continued to mentor some of these students.  Her guidance and mentorship of students is an illustration of her commitment to the community and desire to cultivate young adults.   

She is a team player, who has frequently volunteered to assist her coworkers.  She maintains a positive and energetic attitude.  In recent years, the civilian population was challenged with furlough days to reduce the City’s financial deficit, which created a significant hardship amongst the civilian population, and yet, she never complained and continued to maintain a positive attitude.  Because of her positive attitude, work ethic, and commitment to the Department, she was selected to represent South Traffic Division as the Civilian of the Year for 2013.


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