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Iona Diggs Patricia ‘Pat ‘A. Hemphill, Outstanding Community Member

Iona Diggs Patricia ‘Pat ‘A. Hemphill

Outstanding Community Member

Born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Iona Diggs’s family relocated to Los Angeles, California in to Menlo Avenue, John Adams, and Manual Arts public schools, as well as Los Angeles City College.

 She retired from service to the airline industry in 1984, providing more time to dedicate to community service.  She and her husband have been Community Hosts for the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and the University of Southern California Sports Events for many years.

She has served as the First Vice Chair of the Voices of 90037 Neighborhood Council, and was recently elected the Chairperson.  Ms. Diggs is also the Vice President of the 43rd Place Block Club.  As an ardent supporter of the Los Angeles Police Department, she has distinguished herself as a volunteer.  She was the first Community Volunteer at South Traffic Division, as a part of former Chief William Bratton’s Impact Committee.

Volunteering at Southwest Community Police Station since 1985, she has served as a member of the Southwest Sweethearts and the Community-Police Advisory Board.

Partnered with Iona as Featured Community Member, is Patricia ‘Pat ‘A. Hemphill.  Born in Chicago, Illinois on Flag Day, June 14th, Pat’s family relocated to Los Angeles, California when Pat was an infant, so her California roots run deep.  Her educational pursuits here have taken her to Normandie Avenue, John Muir, and Manual Arts public schools, as well as East Los Angeles College.

Pat has demonstrated dedication to community service all of her adult life.  Her repertoire of community related activities include 38 years at Head Start, years of participation in the Manual Arts Parent-Teacher-Student Association, supporter of the Kid Watch program, and member of the Mid-City Magnet School Site Council.

With participation dating back to 1971, throughout the history of the Department’s Community Policing program, Ms. Hemphill has been a stalwart part of the Southwest Community Police station.  She was also a member of the Southwest Sweethearts group, and helped facilitate the Basic Car Plan when it was subsequently devised.  She has been a Block Club Captain, member of the Catalina Neighborhood Association, and joined the Community-Police Advisory Board in 1992.

Iona and Pat are both trained participants of the City of Los Angeles Crisis Response Team.  They are also graduates of the Community Academies for the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.  Together Pat and Iona coordinate the welcome breakfast for every new employee orientation at the station, each deployment period.   They support every event presented by the station and are always reliable community ‘go-to persons’ for the Southwest Command Staff and Community Relations Office.

Southwest Area is indeed proud to recognize Ms. Iona Diggs and Ms. Pat Hemphill as fervently dedicated Community Partners!


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Iona Diggs Patricia ‘Pat ‘A. Hemphill, Outstanding Community Member
Iona Diggs Patricia ‘Pat ‘A. Hemphill
Outstanding Community Member