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Bob Basch, Outstanding Community Member

Bob Basch

Outstanding Community Member

In the time that Topanga has been operational since January 2009, Topanga has had the benefit of a strong community and equally as strong volunteer community service program.  One of those pioneering members of this program was Robert “Bob” Basch.  When Bob first arrived and was assigned to the front desk he was as eager as new police officer.  I cautioned Bob on his enthusiasm and that one day he will realize the front desk is not only for police business, but will be as busy as the Peanut’s character Lucy’s Psychiatry stand, only that he will not be getting a nickel for any advice he dispenses.  In addition too, all of the fathering advice, social responsibilities, common sense, financial, and other advice he would give on a daily basis.  I asked Bob a couple of years into his front desk service what he thought about the several contacts he has had via telephone or in person at the desk.  He said he now wishes could have received a nickel for each word of advice, because he would have been able to retire a second time.  I have had the opportunity to watch and listen to Bob in action.  His life experiences have taught him well and he uses these experiences to the utmost with the community members.

In addition to being an outstanding volunteer, Bob was recently appointed by Captain Tom Brascia, Topanga Area Commanding Officer, to become the Community Police Advisory Board (CPAB) Co-Chair.  Bob has been a member of CPAB since 2009 and now has a tremendous responsibility as the Co-Chair.  Captain Brascia selected Bob from a myriad of talented community members to serve in this position because of Bob’s talents, communication skills, and leadership qualities.

Bob and his wife, Evelyn, have recently adopted one of Topanga Area’s T.R.U.E. zones (Zone No.7) and have spent several hundred dollars to trim the palm trees and eradicate the weeds.  He worked several hours himself removing the weeds and they’re both proud of their zone.

Bob has volunteered throughout his life at several organizations including the American Heart Association, the Winnetka Neighborhood Council, the American Legion Post 536 and several others.  Bob retired in 1999 as the vice president after 46 years in the electronic industry.  Bob has been married to his lovely wife Evelyn since 1955 and raised three children, two boys and one girl.

Topanga’s gratitude for Bob’s unselfish dedication to the men and women of Topanga cannot be expressed enough.  Today he is being honored as one of Topanga’s outstanding community members.


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Bob Basch, Outstanding Community Member
Bob Basch
Outstanding Community Member