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How can I volunteer for the LAPD?

Volunteer Opportunities

LAPD employees are proud to serve alongside over 3,000 volunteers who donate more than 20,000 hours of service each month. Volunteers represent a broad range of ages, from teenagers to senior citizens (approximately 300 volunteers are over the age of 70!). Through their dedicated service, volunteers reflect the quality that is representative of the people of Los Angeles and the LAPD. In turn, the Department recognizes the valuable assistance that volunteers provide, and considers them as an integral part of the LAPD team.

▪ Volunteer Programs
▪ How to Become an LAPD Volunteer
▪ Internship Opportunities
▪ Reserve Police Officer Program (Volunteer Officer)

Volunteer Programs

One of the most important aspects of the LAPD volunteer program is the diversity of responsibilities that volunteers undertake on a daily basis. Volunteers create and maintain a delicate balance in the Department by providing essential services in both sworn and civilian-related duties. In this way, volunteers serve as a bridge between officers and civilians as they represent their communities in all aspects of Department-related functions.

The City of Los Angeles is divided into 18 geographic Areas, each containing its own community police station. In the spirit of community policing, community members and officers join together to design volunteer opportunities at each station. The following list represents a sample of the variety of programs that are open to volunteer involvement. Actual volunteer programs may differ from station to station, depending upon the needs of the community.

▪ Neighborhood Surveillance Teams
▪ Video Surveillance
▪ Ham Watch (Radio Operators)
▪ Graffiti Abatement
▪ Station Assistance
▪ Reception, Typing/Filing
▪ Various Clerical Duties
▪ Youth-At-Risk Programs
▪ Youth Centers
▪ Jeopardy Youth Programs
▪ Crisis Response Teams
▪ Detective Assistance
▪ Community Service Centers
▪ Neighborhood Watch

There are also over 20 specialized divisions that utilize volunteers. In addition, LAPD provides opportunities for college/high school students interested in working in unpaid intern/volunteer positions or community service requirement programs.

How to Become an LAPD Volunteer

For information on volunteer opportunities with the LAPD, contact the Community Police Station closest to your home or work and ask to speak with the Volunteer Coordinator in the station's Community Relations Office. The officer coordinating the program will provide information regarding current volunteer opportunities as well as the application process. All applicants are required to be fingerprinted as part of LAPD background procedures.

If you aren't sure which station you should call, or you have specific interest in one of the LAPD specialized divisions, you may contact the Department's Volunteer Coordinator at 213-486-60004.



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