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April 2011

04/29/11 - May Day March and Rally

04/28/11 - 19-year-old Armenian Man Missing NR11191SF

04/28/11 - Mission Officers Involved in OIS NR11189mjg

04/28/11 - Southeast Officers Respond to a Shooting in Progress Call NR11190MJG

04/28/11 - Pieces of the Puzzle: Law Enforcement and the Autism Community NA11097lpk

04/28/11 - LAPD Police Impersonator Arrested NR11188lpk

04/28/11 - Southeast Officers Respond to a Neighbor Dispute NR11186mg

04/28/11 - Public Safety, the First Line of Defense NR11192mjg

04/27/11 - Woman Killed after Driving Car Off Four-Story Parking Structure NR11184rf

04/27/11 - Body of Teenage Girl Found “Discarded” Along Roadway NR11183kr

04/27/11 - American Muslim Women’s Empowerment Conference NA11095rh

04/27/11 - 1978 Cold Case Murder Solved NR11183kr

04/26/11 - Victim Kidnapped and Residence Burglarized NR11182lpk

04/26/11 - Rape Kit Backlog Eliminated NR11182kr

04/25/11 - iWATCH Community Terrorism Reporting Program Launches at Port of Los Angeles NR11181rf

04/25/11 - 27-Year-Old Shot and Killed in front of Apartment Complex NR11178rh

04/25/11 - A $50,000 Reward Offered to Identify Suspect(s) Who Murdered a Young Man

04/25/11 - Victim Dies Three Days After Being Shot in Front of a Marijuana Clinic NR11179SF

04/25/11 - Officer Shot in Sylmar Released from Hospital NR11180gb

04/21/11 - Woman Stabbed Near Movie Studio Detectives Hope Video May Bring Suspect to Justice NR11174SF

04/21/11 - LAPD Academy Graduation

04/21/11 - Traffic Planning for Presidential visit to Los Angeles NR11175AN

04/21/11 - Missing Person-Julie Ren NR11177kr

04/21/11 - Bicyclist Fatally Struck by Hit and Run Vehicle NR11176bb

04/20/11 - The Los Angeles Police Department receives California Peace Officer Standards and Training Excellence in Training Awards for Individual and Organizational Achievements NR11173ne

04/20/11 - LAPD Detectives Urge Victims to Come Forward to Report a Sexual Battery Suspect NR11172cj

04/20/11 - Missing Person-Randolf Richardson NR11170kr

04/18/11 - In-home Caregiver Arrested for Molesting an Autistic Child NR11168SF

04/18/11 - In-home Caregiver Arrested for Molesting an Autistic Child Detectives Hold News Conference to Seek Other Victims

04/18/11 - Pedestrian Killed in Traffic Collision with Bus NR11160gb

04/18/11 - Man Shot and Killed in front of his Residence NR11161gb

04/18/11 - Man Walking Down Street Is Shot to Death Motive for Shooting is Unknown NR11159

04/18/11 - Man Found Bludgeoned in Downtown Apartment NR11163pv

04/18/11 - One Killed and One injured While Sitting in Car NR11166cj

04/18/11 - Man Shot and Killed at a Party With One Injured NR11165cj

04/18/11 - 84-Year-Old Missing Woman NR11167cj

04/13/11 - Man Stabbed to Death during Downtown Street Fight NR11157pv

04/13/11 - Reward Offered for Information Related to the Shooting of Three Mentally Challenged Adults NR11150kr

04/13/11 - Robberies near University Campus NR11158

04/12/11 - Photos Discovered and Released in Historical Display of Officers Killed in the Line of Duty NR11156mg

04/12/11 - The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Celebrates National Dispatcher’s Week 2011

04/12/11 - $75,000 Reward Offered in Connection with Shooting NA11080kr

04/11/11 - Crime Stoppers Announces the Launch of the TipSubmit™ Now available for iPhone™ and Android™ applications

04/11/11 - Neighborhood Market Clerk Robbed at Gunpoint NR11155kr

04/11/11 - 5th Annual Teen CPAB Leadership Conference

04/11/11 - Officers Threatened by Knife-Wielding Assault Suspect Resulting in an Officer Involved Shooting NR11151bb

04/11/11 - 80-Year-Old Missing Man NR11153cj

04/11/11 - Chief’s Media Availability

04/10/11 - Child Safety Seat Inspection, Education & Enforcement Operation

04/10/11 - Unsafe Speed Enforcement & Education Operation

04/08/11 - 74-Year-Old Missing Woman NR11152cn

04/08/11 - Burglary in the West Los Angeles Area NR11145cj

04/07/11 - Reward Offered to Find Dead Woman’s Identity and Killer NR11149pv

04/07/11 - LAPD Sobriety & Driver’s License Checkpoint NA11082bb

04/06/11 - Man found Dead inside a Residence after Shooting an Officer NR11148rh

04/06/11 - Chief’s Media Availability NA11078gb

04/06/11 - $50,000 Reward Offered Identity of Decomposed Woman Found Dead in Recycle Yard NA11076pv

04/06/11 - Community Redevelopment Agency Funds High Tech Crime Fighting NA11059jr

04/06/11 - Second Annual César E. Chávez Breakfast Celebration

04/06/11 - Cesar E. Chavez Breakfast Celebration NR11147rh

04/05/11 - “Grim Sleeper” Investigative Update More Potential Victims May Now Be Connected to the Case NR11144kr

04/05/11 - Donation Account Opened To Assist Officer Steven Jenkins NR11146gb

04/04/11 - Councilman Zine will Announce a $50,000 Reward in a Hit-and-Run Collision

04/04/11 - Robbery Homicide Division Detectives Update the Grim Sleeper Case NA11075gb

04/04/11 - Fan Attacked in Stadium Parking Lot NR11143rh

04/01/11 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoint NA11064kr

04/01/11 - LAPD Joins Statewide Efforts to Crack Down on Cell Phone Use and Texting NA11071gb