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August 2011

08/31/11 - Residential Burglary in West Los Angeles NR11406rh

08/31/11 - Westside Pharmacy Break-In and Burglary Suspect Shown on Surveillance Video NR11407rf

08/31/11 - Suspects Arrested for Christmas Day Murder of 25-Year-Old Woman Victim was Mother of a 3-Year-Old Child NR11404rf

08/31/11 - LAPD Detectives Arrest Attempted Murder Suspect NR11408KR

08/30/11 - Jordan High School Varsity Football Rowing Camp

08/30/11 - Arrest in Christmas Day Killing of Young Mother

08/30/11 - Operation ABC NR11405rh

08/30/11 - Robbery at Korea Town Pharmacy Suspect’s Image Captured NR11402gb

08/29/11 - Motorcyclist Critically Injured in Hit-and-Run Collision NR11402gb

08/29/11 - The Office of Council Member Jan Perry and the LAPD to Offer a $50,000 Reward to Anyone with Information Leading to the Arrest of a Murder Suspect NA11198cj

08/29/11 - Councilmember LaBonge and the LAPD Hold Press Conference to Announce the Arrest of Murder Suspect in the Silver Lake Area NA11197cj

08/29/11 - Detectives Investigating One Homicide, Hear Another Occur NR11400kr

08/29/11 - Deadly Hit and Run on Valley Street NR11401kr

08/26/11 - Missing Person Antonio Moreno NR11398cj

08/26/11 - Traffic Safety Awareness Near Schools NR11399ne

08/24/11 - San Pedro Area Hit Hard by Window Smash Bandits NR11397kr

08/23/11 - Hit-and-Run Vehicle Leaves an Elderly Man in Critical Condition L.A. Councilwoman Jan Perry Offers $50,000 Reward NR11389SF

08/23/11 - Suspect Sought in Service Station Robbery NR11394bb

08/23/11 - Missing Person- Loralue Chiorah-Dye NR11396kr

08/22/11 - LAPD Detectives Arrest Homicide Suspect after Roof Top Standoff NR11392mjf

08/22/11 - Online Employment Scam in the Los Angeles Area NR11390mjf

08/22/11 - 24-Year-Old Man Shot and Killed in South Los Angeles NR11388gb

08/22/11 - Mother and Son Critically Injured by Hit & Run Driver NR11393cj

08/22/11 - North Hollywood Detectives Investigate Double Homicide Victims killed as a result of a shooting at party on Coldwater Canyon Boulevard NR11386cj

08/22/11 - Suspect Runs From, Then Shoots at Officers NR11391SF

08/22/11 - Deadly Crash in West Hills

08/22/11 - Sobriety/ License Checkpoint NA11195cj

08/22/11 - $50K Reward Offered in Connection with Pedestrian Hit-and-Run Incident NA11184rf

08/19/11 - Councilmember Englander/LAPD Hold Press Conference to Announce $75,000 Reward Regarding Vicious San Fernando Valley Double Homicide NA11194an

08/19/11 - Woman Seriously Injured by Hit-and-Run Driver NR11385rf

08/19/11 - Los Angeles Police Department Launches Intensive Crackdown on Impaired Driving NA11192gb

08/18/11 - Man Shot to Death in Hollywood NR11384rf

08/18/11 - Tomorrow’s Future NR11361rh

08/18/11 - Woman Fatally Injured in Traffic Collision NR11383gb

08/17/11 - Missing Person Emilio Robles-Ramirez NR11382cj

08/17/11 - 2nd Annual Northeast Carnival NA11190cj

08/17/11 - Suspects Caught on Camera During Jewelry Store Robbery NR11380SF

08/17/11 - News Conference to Promote Pedestrian Safety NA11189SF

08/16/11 - Business Owner Shot During Robbery NR11379BB

08/15/11 - DNA Links Los Angeles Man to 1995 Cold Case Murder NR11378cj

08/15/11 - LAPD is Looking for Answers in a Silver Lake Homicide NR11377cj

08/15/11 - Gas Station Attendant Critically Injured in Hit-and-Run Collision NR11375gb

08/15/11 - Double Homicide in Devonshire NA11185rh

08/15/11 - Woman and Man Found Dead in Chatsworth NR11376rh

08/15/11 - Sobriety Checkpoint NA11187rh

08/15/11 - Sobriety Checkpoint NA11186rh

08/15/11 - Hollywood Youth Mentoring Center NA11178rh

08/12/11 - Robberies at Westside Stores and Markets NR11372rf

08/12/11 - 19-Year-Old Man Shot and Killed in Valley NR11374gb

08/12/11 - Los Angeles Police Department Investigates the Death of Rock Star NR11373SF

08/11/11 - Youth Pastor/Child Predator NR11368kr

08/10/11 - Youth Pastor Arrested for Multiple Crimes Against Girls

08/10/11 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoints NA11180kr

08/10/11 - Two Suspects Arrested in the Death of 17-Year-Old Cyclist NR11367gb

08/10/11 - Man in Crosswalk Killed by Hit & Run Driver NR11369kr

08/10/11 - Hit & Run Driver Sought After Seriously Injuring Man in Crosswalk NR11370kr

08/10/11 - Motorcyclist Killed in Solo Crash NR11371kr

08/09/11 - Two arrests made in the death of 17-year-old Cyclist NA11182gb

08/09/11 - Anti-Bully/Cyber Bullying Community Meeting NA11181kr

08/08/11 - Ohio Man Arrested After Being Linked to 1978 Cold Case Murder NR11366rh

08/08/11 - Wilshire Area and West Traffic Division Open House

08/07/11 - Care Alert NR11364cj

08/07/11 - Critical Missing NR11365cj

08/05/11 - Woman Robbed and Sexually Assaulted near Cedars Sinai Hospital NR11363kr

08/05/11 - Search Warrant Yields Large Cache of Narcotics And Six Arrests NR11360kr

08/04/11 - Motorcyclist Killed in Collision NR11360kr

08/04/11 - Backpack Bandit Strikes in Little Tokyo NR11359pv

08/03/11 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoints NA11177gb

08/03/11 - One Killed and Five Injured when Speeding Car Crashes NR11358rf

08/03/11 - Human Trafficking Documentary Premieres at LAPD’s Deaton Hall NA11171cj

08/03/11 - Missing Person Maximillian Amador NR11234kr

08/03/11 - Arson Suspect Arrested in North Hollywood NR11357an

08/02/11 - Officers Encounter Suspect with a Knife NR11356rh

08/02/11 - Five Arrested for Conspiracy to Robbery – Smash + Grab Averted NR11355pv

08/02/11 - Police Release Sketches of Sexual Assault Suspects NR11354pv

08/01/11 - Human Trafficking Documentary Premieres at LAPD’s Deaton Hall NA11171cj

08/01/11 - Bicycle Safety Tips NA11175gb

08/01/11 - Crook Robs Blind Woman in Little Tokyo, Caught on Video

08/01/11 - Hollywood Area Hosts National Night Out NA11176kr