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Brent McGuyre, Captain III

Brent McGuyre

Captain III
Hollywood Division


Brent McGuyre was born
and raised in La Habra, California. He graduated from Biola
University with a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and later
earned a Master's Degree in Public Administration from California
State University of Long Beach.

Brent McGuyre joined the Los Angeles Police Department in 2001.
After completing patrol assignments in South Los Angeles at
Southwest Area and for several years in East Los Angeles at
Hollenbeck Area, Brent joined the Office of Operations as a Staff
Researcher assisting with the direction of the LAPD's Citywide
field operations.

In 2008, Brent McGuyre promoted to Sergeant and returned to South
Los Angeles as a patrol supervisor in the Watts area at the
Southeast Area Station. Brent later returned to Southwest Area
where he eventually became the Officer-in-Charge of the Vice
Unit. The Southwest Vice Unit was blessed with exceptional
officers who collaborated with an engaged community to address
the historic problem of prostitution and human trafficking along
the Western Corridor. Several news articles documented the
transformation along the Western Corridor and the positive change
in the surrounding community. In recognition of their outstanding
efforts, the Southwest Vice Unit was awarded the Community
Policing Medal.

At the end of his Vice tour, Brent McGuyre was upgraded to an
Assistant Watch Commander, but soon after, was assigned as the
Officer-in-Charge of the University Park Task Force. The University
Park Task Force was a specially chosen group of 30 field officers,
detectives, and Community Relations officers who were assigned to
the community surrounding the University of Southern California
(USC). The University Park Task Force collaborated with the USC
Department of Public Safety to ensure the safety of both local
residents and a diverse student population from around the world as
they coalesced in the neighborhoods surrounding USC.

After two years at the University Park Task Force, Brent McGuyre
was promoted to Lieutenant in 2016 and assigned as the night Watch
Commander at Hollywood Area. In 2017, Brent McGuyre was upgraded to
a position as the adjutant to the Director of the Office of
Constitutional Policing and Policy. The Office of Constitutional
Policing and Policy leads the development of LAPD's policies and
procedures, manages the Department's legal affairs and risk
management initiatives, and coordinates all local, state, and
federal government legislative affairs.

In 2020, Brent was promoted to Captain and was honored with the
privilege of leading the men and women who patrol the downtown area
of the LAPD's Central Area.

Brent is married to a very gracious wife who has helped him raise
their three beautiful daughters.


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