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Deputy Auxiliary Police (DAP)

The Deputy Auxiliary Police (DAP) Program is similar to the Cadet program, but it is geared toward even younger children.  It is designed for children aged 9 through 13 years, yet some divisions offer admittance as early as 8 years old. At the age of 13 they are then encouraged to join the Cadet Program. The DAP program allows children to participate in activities that instill a sense of community pride, self-discipline and leadership ability in an overall positive environment.  This program is supervised by Police Officers.  During the meetings, DAP members will learn many valuable lessons such as: traffic safety, home alone safety, importance of physical training, child safety, promotion of self-esteem, proper nutrition, and criminal awareness.  DAP reinforces anti-drug and gang violence messages.  Instructors emphasize community service and the importance of citizenship. Here young people are taught to respect their parents, teachers and other authority figures.

For more information about the Deputy Auxiliary Police Program in your neighborhood, call the number corresponding to your community below. If you don’t know which community your neighborhood is in, go to the Community Map page.

Central                                    213-972-1888

Southwest                               213-847-5800

Harbor                                    310-726-7920

Hollywood                              213-485-4316

Wilshire                                   213-473-0200

West LA                                 310-444-0732

Pacific                                     310-202-2890

North Hollywood                    818-623-4001

Devonshire                              818-756-8270

Southeast                                213-972-7962

Mission                                   818-838-9860

Olympic                                  213-382-9130

Topanga                                  818-756-3180

Any additional questions regarding the DAP Program call the Youth Programs Unit at 213-486-6090 or the Community Relations Office numbers as listed by Division.

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Carol E. Schatz, Outstanding Community Member
Carol E. Schatz
Outstanding Community Member