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Commercial Crimes Questions

What do I need to do if I discover a forged check in my monthly statement?
When an account holder finds a stolen/forged, altered or counterfeit check in his/her monthly statement, he/she should go to the bank to sign an Affidavit of Forgery. The bank is the actual victim of the forgery and in most cases will sustain the loss. The bank will retain the fraudulent check, determine the jurisdiction in which the check was negotiated, and make a report with the appropriate police department.

When will my case be assigned to a Commercial Crimes detective?
The length of time involved in the normal processing of a Worthless Document Report, from the time the report is completed until it reaches a detective at Commercial Crimes Division, is seven to ten working days, due to needed clerical work. The reporting officer should explain this to the victim at the time the report is completed.

Who investigates non-sufficient-fund checks (NSF) account-closed checks?
Non-sufficient-fund checks (NSF) and/or account-closed check cases occurring within the county and city of Los Angeles are now under the jurisdiction of the office of the Los Angeles District Attorney. Any person who receives an NSF or account-closed check for $25.00 or more is eligible for the county’s Bad Check Restitution Program (BCRP) at 800-842-0733.

NOTE: Victims with NSF checks for less than $25.00 should file a Small Claims action against the suspect. Call 213-974-6131 for a recorded message regarding Small Claims or 213-974-9759 for a Small Claims Advisor.

Who investigates airline tickets theft and burglary?
Forgery Section is responsible for the investigation of burglaries when airline tickets, airline ticket validators, blank checks, and check writing equipment are the principal objects of the attack. Otherwise, the divisional burglary detectives are responsible for the investigation.