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December 2010

12/29/10 - 48-Year-Old Woman Killed in Hit and Run

12/29/10 - Arrest of Underground Parking Bandit

12/29/10 - Man Shot and Killed in Van Nuys NR10598bb

12/29/10 - Celebrating the New Year with Gunfire will Not be Tolerated in the City and County of Los Angeles NR10600SF

12/29/10 - Second Arrest in 1975 Homicide NR10606df

12/29/10 - $50,000 Reward Detectives Seek Information on Christmas Night Shooting NR10604rf

12/29/10 - New Year's Eve D.U.I. News Conference and Sobriety Checkpoint NA10342bb

12/29/10 - 48-Year-Old Woman Killed in Hit and Run

12/28/10 - Critical Missing Person

12/28/10 - South Traffic Division Conducts Sobriety Checkpoint on New Year's Day NA10352SF

12/26/10 - A Trio of Robbers Ransack a Liquor Store NR10602cj

12/23/10 - Robbery and Attempted Murder at a Medical Marijuana Dispensary NR10597cj

12/23/10 - Public's Help Needed: West Valley Detectives Release Suspect Photographs from Brazen Attack and Robbery

12/23/10 - 13-Year-Old Missing Boy NR10596bb

12/22/10 - Composite Released in Attempt Kidnapping of 11-year-old NR10595pv

12/22/10 - North Hollywood Swap Meet Armed Robbers Sought NR10594ne

12/22/10 - Big Tujunga Wash Road Closure News Advisory 1

12/22/10 - Stepfather Shoots and Kills His Stepson NR10592SF

12/21/10 - 51-Year-Old Missing Woman NR10587cj

12/21/10 - 81-Year-Old Missing Woman NR10586cj

12/21/10 - Pedestrian Dies in Hit-and-Run Car Accident NR10591cj

12/21/10 - Day-Care Business Owner Arrested for Having Sex with her Godson NR10590rf

12/21/10 - Jewelry Store Robbery, Caught on Tape NR10583pv

12/21/10 - Huge Toy Delivery at LAPD Headquarters NA10349rf

12/21/10 - CalGrip Grant Monies News Conference NA10347bb

12/21/10 - West Los Angeles Woman Killed in Hit & Run Collision $50,000 Reward Offered NA10345SF

12/21/10 - 11-Year-Old Missing Boy NR10593gb

12/21/10 - An Armed Suspect Shoots and Seriously Injures Another Man, then Takes His Own Life NR10588cj

12/20/10 - LAPD Metropolitan Division Mini Mounties Toy Give-Away NA10346bb

12/20/10 - Fight between Two Students Results in Fatality NR10585rf

12/20/10 - Pedestrian Dies in Tragic Car Accident NR10589cj

12/20/10 - 13-Year-Old Wounded During LAPD Officer-Involved Shooting NR10584rf

12/16/10 - Public's Help Needed to Put Names to Faces - RHD Releases More than 100 Images Recovered in the Possession of Serial Murder Suspect

12/16/10 - 2010 Helping Badge Christmas Toy and Food Giveaway Program NA10344cj

12/16/10 - Public's Help Needed to Put Names to Faces - RHD Releases More Than 100 Photos of Serial Murder Suspect

12/14/10 - Sobriety and Driver's License Checkpoint NA10336gb

12/14/10 - Wilmington Man Shot and Killed NR10579gb

12/14/10 - LAPD Holiday Season DUI Enforcement Drunk Driving. Over the Limit. Under Arrest NA10340gb

12/14/10 - Off Duty LAPD Officer Dies in a Tragic Accident NR10580cj

12/13/10 - Retiring LAPD Captain Partners with his Son for his Final Patrol Shift NA10339SF

12/13/10 - Stand-Up America Rally Media Staging and Set-Up Areas


12/13/10 - Man Found Shot in Parking Lot NR10576AP

12/13/10 - 60-Year-Old Man Killed in Hit and Run NR10577ap

12/13/10 - Man Found Stabbed to Death in Harbor Area NR10578cj

12/10/10 - North Hollywood Detectives Arrest Sexual Assault Suspect and are Looking for More Victims NR10575AP

12/10/10 - Suspect Sought in Home Invasion Robbery NR10574AP

12/10/10 - The Los Angels Fire Department would like to invite the Los Angeles Police Department to the annual Toy Drive and Fundraiser.

12/08/10 - Downtown Produce Market Murder Suspects Identified NR10572df

12/08/10 - LAUSD Teacher Arrested for Possession of Child Pornography Detectives Seek Possible Additional Victims NR10570rf

12/08/10 - Fugitive Wanted for Battery on a Los Angeles Police Officer Caught After Two Months on the Run NR10571SF

12/08/10 - Dispute Leaves 49-Year-Old Man Stabbed to Death NR10569gb

12/08/10 - Time for Peace in Our Community A10329kr

12/07/10 - LAPD to Announce DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint NA10334cj

12/07/10 - Homicide Suspects Identified in a Downtown Produce Market Area Murder NA10335gb

12/07/10 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint NA10333cj

12/07/10 - LAPD Chief Charlie Beck Responds To Inspector General Report On Biased Policing NR10558mg

12/06/10 - SWAT Santa Claus Makes a Special Delivery via Helicopter at Los Angeles Orthopedic Hospital NA10332cj

12/03/10 - A Woman Killed in Hit and Run Collision NR10566gb

12/02/10 - Los Angeles Police Department West Valley Cadets Help Fight Crime NA10330cj

12/02/10 - Update on Death Investigation at Harvey Apartments NR10564bb

12/02/10 - 12-Year-Old Boy Missing

12/01/10 - Joint LAPD-ATF Investigation into Illegal Gun Sales Leads to Indictment of Nine on Federal Weapons Charges NR10561bb

12/01/10 - Wilmington Man Killed in Shooting NR10559bb

12/01/10 - DCFS Social Worker Arrested for Sexual Assault NR10563mg

12/01/10 - Sexual Assault Suspect Arrested NA10327bb

12/01/10 - Hit and Run Drivers Fatally Struck a Pedestrian NR10562gb

12/01/10 - Stepped-Up Police Patrol for Downtown Shopping Season NR10558pv

12/01/10 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint NA10324gb

12/01/10 - Putting Public Safety First NR10560mg

12/01/10 - $50K Reward Offered in Connection with NoHo Murder NA10325rf