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December 2011

12/29/11 - Homeless Man Stabbed to Death Detectives Looking for Clues and Witnesses NR11602rf

12/29/11 - Celebrating the New Year with Gunfire will Not be Tolerated in the City and County of Los Angeles NR11592rh

12/29/11 - Olympic Area Officers Conducting a Narcotics Investigation, Shot at Multiple Times by a Man Driving a Stolen Car NR11599SF

12/28/11 - Family Reunited with Their Family Pets NR11600ne

12/27/11 - Woman Stabbed to Death in San Pedro NR11598gb

12/27/11 - Multi-Agency Arrests of Human Trafficking Suspects NR11597cj

12/23/11 - LAPD and STAC Host a Toy-Giveaway

12/23/11 - New Year’s Eve Gunfire Suppression NA11285rh

12/23/11 - Police Seek Witnesses to Fatal Traffic Collision NR11596rf

12/23/11 - Gang Shooting Leaves One Man Dead NR11594gb

12/23/11 - Suspect Exhibits and Reaches for Gun, Resulting in an Officer Involved Shooting NR11595bb

12/22/11 - Missing Woman Visiting from East Coast NR11593rf

12/22/11 - New Year’s Eve D.U.I. Prevention News Conference

12/22/11 - Donation Drive and Community Outreach for Victim of Drive-By Shooting

12/20/11 - 59-Year-Old Pedestrian Critically Injured in Hit-and-Run NR11591gb

12/19/11 - Child Molest Suspect Arrested Investigators Seeking Possible Additional Victims NR11584bb

12/19/11 - Super Bowl Ring Returned to NFL Legend NR11586cj

12/19/11 - HACLA/LAPD Hollenbeck 1st Annual Holiday Toy Giveaway in Ramona Gardens

12/19/11 - Man Gunned down on Front Porch NR11588rh

12/19/11 - 2011 “Helping Badge” Christmas Toy and Food Giveaway

12/19/11 - 16th Annual Cops-4-Tots Charity Event

12/19/11 - Homicide in Harbor Area NR11587cj

12/16/11 - Officers Honored for Actions Relating to Gunman at Sunset and Vine NR11585rh

12/16/11 - Man Fires Several Shots at Chinese Consulate Building NR11583rf

12/16/11 - Motorcyclist Killed in Traffic Collision NR11581gb

12/16/11 - Suspects Caught during Jewelry Store Robbery NR11569rh

12/16/11 - $50K Reward Offered in Connection with Pedestrian Hit-and-Run Incident

12/15/11 - Woman Shot to Death in San Fernando Valley NR11576gb

12/15/11 - Suspect Armed with Sharp Glass Object Threatens Area Workers NR11577mjf

12/15/11 - Woman Killed By Hit-And-Run Driver NR11575rh

12/15/11 - Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over “RUOK?” is the Wrong Message this Holiday Season NA12279bb

12/15/11 - Juveniles Arrested for Burglarizing City Facility NR11578rf

12/15/11 - LAPD Officers and Hollywood Business Improvement District Officers Honored for response to Hollywood Shooting

12/15/11 - Rise in Burglaries at the Medici Luxury Apartments NR11580cj

12/15/11 - Man Stabbed in Downtown Skidrow Area NR11579rh

12/15/11 - Multi-Agency Arrests of Human Trafficking Suspects NR11570cj

12/15/11 - Community Redevelopment Agency Funds High Tech Crime Fighting NA11277rh

12/14/11 - 8th Annual San Fernando Valley Christmas Celebration and Toy Giveaway One of the Largest Community Holiday Events in the City

12/14/11 - Mother without Custody Rights Disappears with Son NR11574rf

12/14/11 - Man Arrested Hung Himself in His Jail Cell NR11573rh

12/12/11 - Murder Suspects Arrested NR11571gb

12/12/11 - Gunman Shot at people and cars in Hollywood Suspect Pointed Gun at Officers resulting in O.I.S. NR11572mjf

12/08/11 - LAPD Metropolitan Division Mini Mounties Toy Giveaway NA11275gb

12/07/11 - Health Net To Host 20th Annual Celebration Of Children NR11273mjf

12/06/11 - LAPD Announce Sobriety/Driver’s License Checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrols NA11270rh

12/06/11 - City Attorney to Announce Filings against Local Merchants for Sale of Counterfeit Items and Discuss Recent Efforts to Combat Counterfeit/Piracy Crimes NA11271rh

12/06/11 - Man Promises Modeling Careers to Young Girls Then Tries to Sexually Assault Them NR11565SF

12/06/11 - LAPD Officers Play the Skid Row All Stars at the 4th Annual Midnight Mission Basketball Game

12/06/11 - Introduce the “Lock It, Hide It, Keep It” Billboard Publicly Thank Sponsors and Partners NR11264kr

12/06/11 - Jordan Downs Holiday Hoops NA11269SF

12/06/11 - 10th Annual Holiday Tree Trimming Recognition for Families Who Have Lost a Loved One to a Violent Crime NA11274gb

12/04/11 - Man Shot to Death While Sitting in Car NR11567cj

12/03/11 - Man Murdered in Mid-Town Los Angeles NR11566cj

12/01/11 - Enforcement and Railroad Traffic Safety Tips News Conference NA11266bb

12/01/11 - For the Cost of “1-CUP” Charity Campaign Kickoff NR11558kr

12/01/11 - 18th Annual Fight for Life Charity Boxing Event Benefitting the City of Hope