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Community-Based Government

Police departments continue to be the most visible government agency.  However, the  distinction of "most responsive" is beginning to change in the City of Los  Angeles.  This is not because the LAPD has become less responsive, but because other  City agencies are becoming more responsive and are joining in the partnership to make Los  Angeles a better place.  Community-Based Government is in its infancy.  The LAPD  is still asked to perform duties that fall under the purview of other governmental  agencies.

In May 1995, Mayor Richard Riordan unveiled his plan for partnership among the  LAPD, other service departments and the communities we serve.  This partnership has  been developing over the last few years, primarily in the area of abatement and code  enforcement efforts.  A multi-agency program, currently taking shape, focuses on  efforts to abate properties negatively affecting the quality of life in neighborhoods, due  to nuisance activity.  However, we believe this effort can and will grow, bringing  all community service providers together in local problem-solving partnerships.

From the beginning of his administration, Chief of Police Bernard C. Parks presented  his vision of the Five "Cs" of Community Based Government in furtherance of the  Mayor's plan for partnership.  The five "Cs" are Conscience, Compassion,  Courage, Character, and Commitment.  They have since been incorporated in the daily  routine of Los Angeles Police Officers.